Friday, September 29, 2006

Jay - Z and Chris Martin.


His world

I have to admit, I listened to this album and I wasn't impressed. It sounded like Ron was a little scared of the mic, mostly using a very low voice. The album contained the usual rap themes and kinda bored me. We posted a couple of tracks but then removed them (in order to follow the RIAA regulations).

I just read a review from Slam Magazine and wow, I have to listen to this album again, I didn't hear lyrics such as these from the song "Haters":
“I admit I used to smoke before games.”

“Hit the liquor store at halftime.”

“David Stern! Damn, David Stern. I gotta teach you bout the ghetto there’s some things you should learn.”

“Matt Lauer, up on NBC. You look like a girl don’t talk to me.”

Is it possible that this album is going to get lots of good reviews? I hope it does, I hope Basketball players all start to put out rap albums, it's always a good time.

Read the entire review at Slam

Here is a better cover for the new Jimmy Jones Mix tape (posted below)...

DJ Drama and Jim Jones - The Seven Day Theory

We all know Jimmy has a thing for pac, but the title '7 day theory' is in reference to how long it took to record this mix tape. Posting mixtapes is legal right? I mean this isn't out on a label or anything, Jim Jones doesn't see any of the money from sales from all the mixtape sites all over. It's a very weird game/industry.

DJ Drama and Jim Jones - The Seven Day Theory

Ready for some horrible news? Not nearly as bad as what has happened to my cardinals the last couple of weeks but could end up being ugly to watch. Ladies and Gentlemen Tony Stark has been cast for the Iron Man movie due May 2nd 2008....drumroll...ROBERT DOWNEY JR

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne - Make It Rain (Video)

God watching the Cardinals is so rough right now...

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Sports college fashion trends

Remember LT's use of the dark visor? Michigan forever changed how dudes wear their shorts. I love the 'stache and I wish he was a T-wolf, but I'll take the R.O.Y. Randy Foye. Man... Ray Lewis's half shirt. No-homo Ray...
SI has a nice picture book of past college fashion trends.

Internet perverts wake up and

Get out your wallets...

I should direct you to some of her music over at Pitchers of Silence and Discobelle

Capski does Timberlake

What is going on here is totally crazins. I think it's legal to put up a remix of this track. For what it's worth I bought a copy of the new JT album yesterday...anyway. I just want to keep it kosher round here.

Taken from Fathertronix Capski went 100% on this. Capski is a part of Laundromat United. Check.

Justin Timberlake Feat T.I. - My Love (Capski Redo) (Z-Share)
Justin Timberlake Feat T.I. - My Love (Capski Redo) (You Send It)

Check this Gillie vs Lil Wayne video (thanks to HOG for this)

you can beat the cardinals this year, but you still can't beat pujols.

Seven game losing streaks are no fun. There are not enough games in the season for this to happen any more this year. Had Albert not hit that ball last night we would only be .5 games up. How far can her carry this team? The following is taken from Viva El Birdos a site I visit througout the entire day.

pujols' homer last night might prove to be that unexpected, out-of-nowhere good sentence creeping up on the cardinals. it might help them forget what a crappy team they are; might get them back to letting sap flow, as opposed to playing like saps. and if that does prove to be the case, the greater the glory of st. albert. unlike the blocked writer or the choking baseball player, pujols doesn't have to wait for stuff to start flowing again; he just puts his arms around the tree and squeezes it out. he can make it flow. i've only seen one other cardinal player who had a will forceful enough to do that: bob gibson.

that ability is what makes pujols the mvp; that alone has separated the cardinals from their competitors in the national league central this season.

Amen. Enough on that, Astros play at 11:35.

I am still not sure about either this XBOX 360-HD or the Playstation 3. I actually lean a little bit towards the XBOX 360 only because I plan on buying a Zune. It really comes down to two things for me, Blue Ray vs HD and Microsoft vs Sony. IGN has a nice article about the new XBOX system. Any thoughts on this?

I was emailed this web site in this morning, you can watch a ton of full length cartoons on youtube. There are quite a bit listed from Animaniacs to Transformers to X-Men, eat your heart out.

Speaking of Transformers if in Detroit pay attention to this.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Go Pirates!

Go Pirates. Right now the Pirates are winning. As long as they can do that I can deal with a Cardinals impolsion tonite. But If that doesn't happen and the birds on the bat happen to win well then I will be filled with a little bit of glee. See I love the Twins and want them to do as well as possible, but my heart is with the Cardinals and has been for many years. So tonite young Anthony Reyes takes the mound, lets all wish him good luck (the season hinders on it).

As I write this the Pirates are up 3-1.

I wanted to write up something on Teki Latex a little while back and then I was told by someone that they wanted to "Slap the Opera hat off him" I liked that. I'm not sure what it mean, but I use it just like "kufi smack". This video is along the same lines (although the intro by Gonzo is really nice). This comment follows up this video perfectly "I love music/Not this kind of shit/Playmobil music".

You be the judge.

Pirates have two runners on and no outs in the third up 3-1. Astros pitching change..go Pirates!

Whisper Mike Jones - Who?

Get over to Fluo Kids and grab the new first single "Mr. Jones" off the album 'The American Dream'

I knew people were holding out on their summer jams. Damn the 4th quarter push in the record industry. This track would have been so nice back in July (but it sill will work in October).

The Republican Convention was named to take place in St. Paul today
. Another "L" for Chicago who was also in the running. According to that article we are still in the running for the Democratic Convention to take place in Minneapolis.

Madden Curse

Now that Madden 07 cover athlete Shaun Alexander has sustained a left foot fracture, sidelining the Seahawk star for at least two weeks (might miss vikes game), comes renewed speculation about the existence of a 'Madden curse.'

Here's a history of the curse:
  • 2000 - Barry Sanders abruptly retires before training camp
  • 2000 - Dorsey Levens is cut by Green Bay the following season
  • 2001 - Eddie George enjoys career year, until costly turnover leads to Titan's playoff exit
  • 2002 - Daunte Culpepper leads team to dismal 4–7 record before season-ending knee injury
  • 2003 - Marshall Faulk suffers ankle injury; career diminishes thereafter
  • 2004 - Michael Vick fractures right fibula in preseason game, just one day after Madden is released; sidelined for season
  • 2005 - Ray Lewis fails to post a single interception (after grabbing 6 the previous year), and injury forces him to miss the final game of the season; the Ravens also fail to make the playoffs after winning the division in the 2003–2004 season
  • 2006- Donovan McNabb suffers sports hernia in first game and undergoes season-ending surgery in November; T.O. feud escalates; Eagles finish 6–10 after reaching Super Bowl in 2005–2006 season
  • 2007 - Shaun Alexander fractures left foot in Week 3 ...
I hope they don't put T. Jack on the cover next year.

Set your VCR

I'm sure this will have it's fair share of quotables.


Below is a decent looking Nasir ad for the 'Hip Hop is Dead' album taken from XXL.

30 Pills for TO

Above: Attractiveness Scale

So much going on this morning.

TO tries to kill himself.

Terrell Owens told police he attempted suicide last night. According to the Dallas Police Department incident report, Owens told police he took more than 30 pills in a suicide attempt. Sources tell CBS 11 News Owens was taken to Baylor Hospital by Dallas Fire Rescue and that emergency room doctors attempted to induce vomiting.

Howard K. Stern has been gettin down with Anna Nicole Smith, dude is the baby daddy. Or so he says, this guy is crazy. Anyone watch that show? I wouldn't be surprised if he is going crazins on us and he isn't the dad.

and Scretch from Saved By The Bell has a sex we like to say in Minnesota "Uff-da"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And you thought you have seen it all..

Does Suge know how to get down or what? Usually doesn't the bull move?

This is an older video of Suge doing a very odd dance. Suge has showed that he is the life of the party yet again.

Is it just me or does the myspace player destroy youtube?

Details on Jay-Z's 'Kingdom Come'

From Nobody Smiling:

After a somewhat half hearted attempt at early retirement, Jay Z is most definitely coming back with a bang. His album 'Kingdom Come' destined to drop on November 21st on Rocafella/Def Jam has features from Southern stars T.I and Bun
B who Jay collaborated with on 'Big Pimpin' with back in 2000. He also features fellow Rocafella co-horts, Memphis Bleek, Beenie Segal and Tru Life. Also showing up on this project will be Beyonce who returned the favor of his guest appearances on her recently released Birthday. She aids her man on a track titled 'You Remind Me'.

Production on the album can't get any better than this, Dr Dre adds his magic to a track featuring Mary J Blige called 'Tears' and Eminem produces and also features on 'Shades of Grey'. Other producers down with El Presidente on this come back which is slated to move approx. 1.5 million units the first week it hits shelves are, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Rick Rubin and The Runners.

Keeping pretty much to the same blueprint (no pun intended) as The 'Black Album', the additional cast members like the aforementioned Dr.Dre, Eminem and Chris Martin who along with band members Cold Play feature on the self titled track 'Til Kingdom Come', only enhance the standard of what we expect from Brooklyns finest.

SMH at Jay moving 1.5 million units the first week and I gotta ask, how bad will Eminem show up Jay on his own track this time around?

Canucks up in this.

Two things I love about this picture. The first is obvious, the second is that Justin Morneau wears a Vancouver Canucks t-shirt under his Jersey...

Here is a nice mix courtsey of Bird Peterson.

Micheal Jackson - Thriller (Bird Peterson Tis The Season Remix) (You Send it)
Micheal Jackson - Thriller (Bird Peterson Tis The Season Remix) (Z-Share)

Go grab the new Kano and Vybz Kartel
track called "Buss It Up" the buzz on this is large in its early stages. Courtesy of Pitchers of Silence.

Beck is going on Tour with....Spank Rock

FRI 10/13 NASHVILLE, TN City Hall
SAT 10/14 CHICAGO, IL UIC Pavillion
MON 10/16 TORONTO, ON Ricoh Center
WED 10/18 NEW YORK, NY Theater at MSG
SAT 10/21 TBA
MON 10/23 PHILADELPHIA, PA Tower Theater
TUE 10/24 TBA

We are about to launch something over here. Send us your mixes, do it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Doctor's Advocate

November Cover of XXL

XXL also looks at their top rated summer jam. I hear this, I mean this summer was pretty weak and "One Blood" was pretty strong.

I am hearing rumors that that Cam photo is the result of some ace photoshop work.

Leo G from XM radio reported this morning that Method Man was dropped from Def Jam. Hip Hop is Dead was also pushed back till December 19th.

Bill Clinton drops a huge Ether right here.

Last day to enter Teddybears - Cobrastyle 10" Contest

Today is the last day to enter the Teddybears conest. We will be giving away two (2) 10" vinyl copies of the "Cobrastyle" single (pictured below) to two (2) winners. All you have to do to enter is email your name and shipping address to us. Please specify in your email if you want to subscribe to a newsletter from the Teddybears. If you don't want the newsletter your chances of winning will not be hurt.

Side 1:

1. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Album Version) (YSI) (Z-Share)
2. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Instrumental)
3. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Acapella)

Side 2:

1. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Diplo Remix) (YSI) (Z-Share)
2. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Weird Science Remix)

Winners will be contacted via email by the end of the day today, Monday the 25th of September.

I expect a victory against the bills

Pulled off the fathertronix board something I knew had to happen. Loot did a fine job here.

M.I.A/Fergie - London People (YSI) (Z-Share)

I have to say it, but Cam takes a loss for this picture, unless there is some amazing story that follows it.

Shocking news... And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead to cover Guided By Voices on their new album..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Frontin' Like Your Daddy

The saga continues. This time Gillie da Kid went where I guess he needed to go. Lil Wayne left himself kinda open here.

Gillie da Kid - Frontin Like Your Daddy (YSI) (Z-Share)

Nelstar and the Killers, whats up with this? This is getting out of control.

Nelly Furtado/The Killers - Maneater and Somebody Told Me (YSI) (Z-Share)

I'll hold all the sports talk till later.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sir J. Wellington

Wellington is back, back with a new beef and back with a new album. All this means a new single too.

Sir J. Wellington - The Champ is Here. (YSI) (Z-Share)

Visit Sir J on myspace, Jim Jones is in his top 8.

Eskay at Nah Right has some new Pap songs.

There has been lots of talk about what Minnesota has going for it. We are about to bust out of Loserville USA (4 sports teams and no playoff games). Watch out for the Wild, Vikes, Twins and Wolves.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wayne, Birdman, Khaled

Akon Feat Eminem - Smack That (Video)

Did anyone notice that the Twins were in frist place last night for about three hours? Objects in mirror.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Frank Miller Presents 300

I won't lie, I wasn't expecting this trailer to get me excited about this movie. I mean it has to be a let down right? Wrong.

Better than I thought.

Promo Trailer link

Not only do I rep it but I live on 38th

I live about 8 blocks from this picture, on 38th. I can't even start to tell you stories about that Super America gas station in the background (Via South Side Pride). Anyway Discobelle was first to point out these guys today, a very good look. I could write a book about why "hip hop" in Minneapolis sucks, I'm not even going to try to explain how boring it is out here. I am so pumped that there is someone sounding as hot as this from 'round here.

Rep Minnesota on Myspace.

These guys are local and I'm feeling it, I'm totally shook. I mean the kiosk at the Mall of America that I get Don Diva DVD's at has a freakin myspace.

Rep Minnesota - I Rep Minnesota (ZShare) (YSI)

Freeway Feat Chuck Wooley - Minnesota (ZShare) (YSI)

I just called it that because the title isn't too clear.

Is Freeway living in Minneapolis now? What is up with the Gophers shirt?

Check out Fic too. I mean look at this picture:

Hopefully there will be more from these guys on the way...

Speaking on Repin Minnesota, SI has a nice article on the cities two most famous roomates.

Cap'o Status

Just when you thought the hat game was slowing down:

For more insane hats go to No Bare Heads.

Make way for the O.C.

I wanted to post this yesterday but my massive legal panic keep me busy.

Lady Sovereign will be doing a cover of the Sex Pistols' "Pretty Vacant" for the upcoming season of "The O.C." Is this a big step for her? She has been all over urban radio the last couple weeks too. Jay-Z really knows how to work his artists. Message to Buddens, Method Man and N.O.R.E: you are not a cute brittish girl, if you were things would be different for ya.

I don't know how I missed this Rep Minnesota track from Discobelle. I rep Minnesota, that's right. Is it time that Minneapolis can finally stand up without the help of the oh so blah groups that run the scene here? Visit the mysterious Rep Minnesota myspace page right here.

Snap back to reality

Yesterday was a very interesting day 'round these parts. I woke up to a nice email from EZArchive that pretty much said that the RIAA wanted me to take down the Ludacris track. I did this without any hesitation whatsoever. I then started to wonder what is legal and what is illegal about posting mp3's. It seems like it happens all over the place and I've rarely heard of this being an issue. I turned to some very helpful fellow bloggers and everyone had different opinions. It wasn't until I got an email from Cory from Boing Boing and Craphound that I totally decided this was a battle I couldn't win. He emailed me the following.

"The RIAA asked your hosting
provider to get you to take the file down, but they could have asked
the ISP to turn over your personal information so that they could sue
you. They could do the same at YSI or Z-Share. You can play cat-and-
mouse with them if you want, but they can sue you at any time. They
can also sue you retroactively for the files you *had* hosted with
your old ISP."

That is more than enough for me. So that being said, RIAA- from what I've heard of you, I shouldn't fuck with you. I don't know how they can really fight what is going on around the internet, but they are trying. If you want more information regarding all of this visit Down Hill Battle of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

The site will not be shutting down, I have redesigned it just to show this. Dr. Boss and I are very excited about what we are going to provide and why you should "Still Listen" (ok that was bad). Anyway in the meantime please continue to send in your links for whatever you would like.

I want to thank Eskay at NahRight was a big help yesterday and today he has the new game single. Seriously, the balls (no homo) The Game must have to post up with a song called "Strip Club" after what 50 unleashed.

More in a little bit...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wayne & Santana - Face Off

Lots of 'Can't Feel My Face' stuff, plus other things from past mixtapes like Pump that Bass, and Wayne's Mr. Postman..

Quote of the day.

This isn't something I do too often, but while I figure out some things going on over here I thought I would post this.

"Fifty and I never dated ...despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don't know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me."

- Mya

And DMX talks about being raped

I was sent in the release schedule for Asylum for the 4th quarter and Camron is still on there for a December 5th release of an album called "Shade of Black" on Diplomatic Man. So the countdown for the delay of this record can begin. Also on December 5th will be Lil Flip "I Need Mine" didn't he leak this record himself.

So have the new Rae record is going to be produced by Dre and half by Rza. Man I would have been excited for that about 5 years ago.

What a day.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Teddybears - Cobrastyle 10" Contest

We would like to announce a new contest that will be running for a week (ending September 25th). We will be giving away two (2) 10" vinyl copies of the "Cobrastyle" single (pictured below) to two (2) winners. All you have to do to enter is email your name and shipping address to us. Please specify in your email if you want to subscribe to a newsletter from the Teddybears. If you don't want the newsletter your chances of winning will not be hurt.

Side 1:
  1. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Album Version)
  2. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Instrumental)
  3. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Acapella)
Side 2:
  1. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Diplo Remix)
  2. Cobrastyle featuring Mad Cobra (Weird Science Remix)

If you didn't get it the first time enter to win here. Winners will be contacted via email on Monday the 25th of September.

"Do you want me to SLAM IT?! Crowd: YEAAAA!" - an Exposé on NBA rappers

"...Every basketball player wants to be a rapper and every rapper wants to be a basketball player." - Shaquille O'Neal on the why he raps and why he thinks rappers want to play basketball

Ballers crossing into the rap game have provided some classic moments in rap history, usually not for their lyrical prowess, but classic none the less..
Today provides a look into some of the recognizable
names who have played both sides of the field.

Obviously Shaq has been instrumental into this crossover from his work with Fu Schnickens to now. Check this track from Kay Slays mixtape reworking Shaq's 1996 classic.

Bun B, Ft. Shaq Diesel and Papoose - Can't Stop the Reign 2006

Troy Hudson, aka T-hud and his Nutty Boyz have been dropping some of their crunk infused music for awhile now, highlighted in 2004 as the soundtrack for the Wolves Western Conference run with "Shut 'em down" (most of us Wolves fans wish everyday that T-Hud would Shut it down.) T-hud's first record "Undrafted" was supposed to come out this summer, but like a real rapper he's record relase is delayed. In the meantime we have this bit of fire to chew on.

T-Hud Ft. UGK and Static Major - Never Thought

Jewelz, no, not Juelz is probably the most successful player in the hoops/rap game. This is mainly cause he carries the most street cred, but A.I has disappointed with his effort in the rap game after focusing so hard early on. He attempted to drop a record in 2000, but never released it due to the controversy his single caused. In 2001 after giving up his attempts to rep hard in the the rap game, and drop an album, A.I. was voted M.V.P.

Allen Iverson (aka Jewelz) - 40 bars

Most of us probably can't remember this foray into rap, but Kobe had a full record recorded with guests such as Beanie Sigel and Destiny's Child. It was dropped by Columbia due to it's lack of quality. Mamba is cold blooded on the court just like he is dropping 12 bars. Here is a review of the single K.O.B.E. and the b-side Thug Poet.
Check Kobe's aborted single out featuring this hot opening line.
"Uh, what I live for? Basketball, beats and broads
From Italy to the US, yes, it's raw"

Kobe Bryant - K.O.B.E. ft Tyra Banks

Here is a very rare video of Kobe performing for the first (and only?) time, with Tyra too. A must see. Still-Listen European fans will appreciate watching Kobe bust flows in what I think is Italian?
K.O.B.E. live

The attention given to BBaller/Rappers today is in honor of Queensbridge's Ronnie Artest whose new CD 'My World' is dropping soon. I love Ron, he plays the best D in the league hands down. He can guard PGs and PF's equally as well and I don't blame him at all for Detroit.
However.. He must take full responsibility for his rap career..

Ron Artest - Get Low Ft. Mike Jones

Ron Artest - Not Easy

Also, if your down with hoops, this Mike James interview is the funniest interview ever. Here.

I can't believe the Reignman, the Man-Child, might be coming back. Isn't he like 300 pounds?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bang bang, I wish you would

Why diss Jim Jones? This Loon track where he disses Jim Jones has to be one of the worst diss tracks I have ever heard. This will be the last you hear of this Loon/Jim Jones beef round here. I don't know what Loon is on to think he can go up against the K.O.N.Y.

Loon - Jimmy (Jim Jones Diss)

This track on the other hand.

Jim Jones - Reppin Time

And some more music from the Bay.

Go Dav - Cheerleader

go Vikes

Friday, September 15, 2006

The worst retirement, maybe, in history

Cansei de Ser Sexy has been around for a minute now, although it took this picture for me to post up some songs.

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

CSS - Meeting Paris Hilton

Describe them however you want, I read someone describe them as "part Diplo, part Yeah Yeah Yeah's" That's funny, all they need now is a great pitchfork review and they will be a hit.

Kinda sorta the best news of the day comes via Pitchfork via Spiral Stairs. I would be pumped for a pavement reunion I think, that is unless they get some crazy Pixie love by everyone. It's not that I want them to do poorly and not enjoy success or anything. I just hate when bands get back together and ruin everything, I can think of a few good examples of this not to mention this one.

While on this topic:
Read the whole EW interview with Jay-Z right here. I thought it would be impossible to not be excited about this release, especially with talks of Eminem as a guest, and then I read that a track called ‘’Most Kings'’ is inspired by a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.

Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani Cover)

So maybe Rick Ross does have some things to say about TI afterall. Thanks to V for pointing this out.

Earlier in the week Banksy strikes again.

My tipster has reported that Bobby Brown is now claiming he is dating Karrine Stevens who has been dating Bill Mahr on and off for a year. What is funny about this is that Bill Mahr is dating that girl...who knew.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yep yep, for the ladies

I hope no one gets the wrong idea with this post.

Royce gets ready for his new mixtape with Whoo Kid to be released any minute now. I got a kick out of this. It's obvious yes, but that doesn't make it not funny. I mean Busta was showing a little too much love on that track.

Royce Da 5'9'' - I Hate My Bitch

With so much talk about Kelis and Nas as of late, don't you find it weird that she did "I love my bitch" with Busta. I would not want my "Bitch" on some song with some other dude telling him how much she loves him. Was this another Ether by Keils? I picture Nas as this just completely beaten man who has no say in anything. Sorry Nasir, but I think its kinda true. Prove me wrong.

The other day I was thinking about Guerilla Black, what a weird thing that was. Dude puts out a garbage record while sounding exactly like Big. I guess he has been up to some stuff, and of course he now has some beef too. I wonder what Beef means to Guerilla Black...wahh wahh..

Guerilla Black - 400Shotz

Jimmy Jones changed the name of his record. I like this title "Hustlers P.O.M.E". Here is what he had to say about it:

"Biggie said along time ago,'More money, more problems,' and now I truly understand what he was talking about. I named the album Hustler's P.O.M.E. because it's just my definition of being a hustler. When you are coming up on the streets you got to hustle to survive or else you'll be left out in this cold world".

Read the tracklisting and the article here.

Microsoft introduced the Zune today (pictured below), a day after a lackluster intro for the new ipod. Why is it better than the ipod?
  • 3" Color Screen (compared to 2.5" for iPod) with shifting orientation for music (vertical) and picture (horizontal) playback.
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Technology, allowing Zune devices in the same room to beam songs between units, to be used for the lesser of three days or three plays. Zunes can also beam pictures, but there is no Digital Rights Management associated with picture files (meaning yours to keep forever).
  • FM Radio reception
  • Personalization of screen and wallpaper with user-provided images and pictures.

The best aspect is the Wi-Fi, its going to be a heated little battle. If Zune comes at a decent price I might get one to go along with my nano.

And Britney gave birth to a son yesterday, jump to her new website. I guess she wants to be a tiger now. File under what the fuck are you thinking Britney.

One of my friends told me that she thought Sexy Back was great but it would get really played out real fast. We are real close to that happening faster than I thought.

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Freeform Five Remix)

Down, but not...

It could have been so great, the table was set for such a great story. Now it will have to be done with some of the other rookies. We shall see, I still like the Twins chances. Santana and his Gibson like year and all .

I know this is kinda old and most of you have already heard it, but I'm sure some of you haven't.

Black Eyed Peas Feat Justin Timberlake - My Style

More Teddybears.

Teddybears - Lil Red Rooster vs. The Robodog (off the album "Fresh")

I got this great Ghislain Poirier mix the other day, I was trying to think of which song was the best to post up and I couldn't really come to a decision. I guess this just happened because it was the last track on the mix. And I really like "Dirt Off My Shoulder" (no homo).

Jay Z- Dirt Off My Shoulder (Ghislain Poirier Remix)

Kelis Ethers Nas. Well she threw him a birthday party and Jimmy "Capo" Jones was there. This comes from the best domain name I have seen. Smarten up Nas.

And the Lord of The Rings question on the mind of all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let the jacking begin

Jay - Z info is now all over the place. Seems pretty anti-climatic, but I will hold off opinions till I hear the record. Dude has Chris Martin from Coldplay working on a track for him. Again, I will hold off judgement. Here is an article with all the info. Do you think that Nas might have had this cover had Jay not come out with this information? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Sounds like today the new Camel Joe record will be called "Kingdom Come" oh boy.

Speaking of that, I know its a stretch of a swagger jack but..

Primal Scream - When The Kingom Comes (Weller Cover)

Lots going on regarding the Teddybears today on the internet (their album came out in the states yesterday). Remember when it was all about MIA? Here is a cover I have had for a while that didn't seem to make the rounds back when it happened. Its from a radio show, but the quality is good.

MIA - Every Day I Love You Less and Less (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)

Speaking of being hip hip on the internet when did Uffie turn into Linday Lohan? I'm talking about the see through aspect of her shirt. Rest of the photos can be found via Discobelle.

Someone pointed out that I didn't have a tribute up for Pac today. Its not too late. Here is a great Pac speech from 92. For more go to AllHipHop.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here is some OFFICIAL Dipset mixtape action.. 20+ tracks
Jim Jones presents - Members of BirdGang

1. Capo Intro
2. Reppin Tim - Jim Jones
3. Superstars - Jim Jones
4. Fucks With You - Stacks Bundles, Max B, Jim Jones
5. Ya Dig - Stacks Bundles, Jim Jones
6. Credebility - Jim Jones, Max B
7. Life's Like a Movie - Jim Jones, Stacks Bundles, Max B, Mel Matrix
8. Refreshing - Max B, Mel Matrix, Stacks Bundles
9. One less Bitch - Max B, Mel Matrix, Jim Jones
10 Money on my Mind - Jim Jones, Stack Bundles
Full Tracklisting HERE.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Million Dollar Man

People hate on Pap. This dude can be great. I love his energy. He has the best line on the entire "Touch It" Remix fiasco. Now he has gone and pissed everyone off that looks at Pap as the last chance for a strong young artist from NYC. I think he killed it and thats a good look.

Justin Timberlake and Papoose - Sexy Back Remix (REUP)

I am hating the new file server. I will switch to a final home through our host real soon. But try the new one up top for now. If that doesn't work

Try this (Z-Share) or this one (You Send It) I think I have all the bases covered.

And good look on that contract too.