Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Swizz Beatz - It's Me Bitches (Video)

As funny as a track called "It's Me Bitches" is I prefer the edited version "It's Me Snitches."

Remember the first Swizz Beatz solo album with that Ja Rule/Metallica track?

Expen$ive Taste - Skinhead Rob, Travis Barker and Paul Wall

Expen$ive Taste is a "super group" consisting of Skinhead Rob (The Transplants), Travis Barker (+44, The Transplants,Blink 182), and Paul Wall.

They have a mixtape/album that is due to be released soon. Their clothes get a pretty hard push on their myspace page and their official spot. The video below has some more info on this "super group". If you want to listen to songs, they have three posted on the Expen$ive Taste myspace page. For those curious about Travis Barker's resume he has previously worked with The Game, Pharrell Williams, The Black Eyed Peas, Bun B and T.I.

Shout goes out to Loren for sending the video link in.


Boss Hogg Outlawz - Serve & Collect (Review)

Boss Hogg Outlawz Feat Slim Thug
Serve & Collect
Star Trak/Geffen Records
Buy it from itunes

This record unofficially announces Houston is back on the map. It feels all 2005 again, with releases in the next couple of months from Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Lil Flip. Remember when The Strokes and The White Stripes put out their second albums? Now you understand what this is like.

Slim Thug starts off the record talking about how white people don't know what 'Boss Hoggin' is. The variety of ways Slim Thug uses the term 'Boss Hoggin' could make it mean anything. So, here is the Urban Dictionary list of definitions. Now listening will make sense.

The best part of the record is Killa Kyleon, who sounds scary on these beats. This Killa has been doing some really good things on mixtapes and it is nice that he gets so much attention on 'Serve and Collect'. His tracks (5-7) are the best moments on the record other than "It's that PJ" by PJ. Slim Thug is but isn't present- except when he blows up "Wood Wheel". This attempt at a 'Re-Up' or 'Lil Weezyana' falls short. I assume Thugger left his finer moments for his record 'Boss of All Bosses' also due this spring.

Buy or listen to samples of 'Serve & Collect' at itunes

Boss Hogg Outlawz, Slim Thug & The Boss Hogg Outlawz - Serve and Collect


Rich Boy - Rich Boy Tracklisting

Originally called 'Product of the Hustle' now called 'Rich Boy' will be released March 13th. Here is a track listing. As usual, this track listing is subject to a couple rounds of changes.

1. "Intro"
2. "Role Model"
3. "Tell Me Do U Know" (featuring Bubba Sparxxx) (Produced by Timbaland)
4. "Boy Looka Here"
5. "Madness"
6. "D-Boyz" (featuring Mannie Fresh)
7. "Ain't So Hard"
8. "Throw Some D's" (featuring Polow Da Don) (Produced by Polow Da Don)
9. "Get To Poppin'"
10. "Break A Nigga Off"(featuring Snoop Dogg and Gangsta Boo)
11. "What It Do" (featuring Sean Paul) (Produced by Lil Jon)
12. "Lost Girls"
13. "At My Mouth (Starin' At Me)"
14. "Hood Dayz (Look Back)"
15. "Throw Some D's (Remix)" (featuring The Game, Lil Jon, Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly &
Murphy Lee)


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cam’ron on Funk Flex

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

"I got cops pullin me over like '"Stop pushing back Hell Rell Album!"'

Thanks to everyone that sent these links in.

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Def Jux Adult Swim Album

Another free album, this time from Definitive Swim on

Here is a direct link to the album and cover art

1) Camu Tao - Plot for a Little
2) El-P - Smithereens (Stop Cryin)
3) Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals
4) Hangar 18 - Think Big
5) Mr. Lif and Cannibal Ox - Brothaz Remix
6) Despot - Get Rich or Try Dying
7) Cool Calm Pete - Get with the Times
8) Mr. Lif - Red October
9) Cage - Blood Boy
10) Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Also over there is the video for Flyentology (El-P feat. Trent Reznor).

Diddy's Son Is So Going To Get Grounded

Diddy's son Justin gettin his grown man on. According to Miss Info here is what Diddy and Misa had to say about all this:
  • This lap dance (which by the way was by a fully-dressed teenage girl) happened at a teen party in New Jersey.
  • Neither Diddy nor Misa were there and both Diddy and Misa do not condone the behavior at all.
  • The security team that was with Justin that night has been fired because of their negligence.
  • Justin's mom had this to say "It's so crazy. These teens think that it's nothing, like its dancing. But this is big problem for Justin. Real big. I don't play that at all!"
Also spotted at HHNLive. Between this and his Rich Boy immatation (which he might have been drunk while doing), how do you think should Justin be punished?

Lil Wayne's XXL Interview

Weezy F is on the cover of the April edition of XXL. You can read some of the interview with Anslem Samuel over at XXL. Here are the two questions that I'm sure you are most concerned about, his broken jaw and Jay-Z:
What about reports that you got into a fight with somebody in your entourage recently and got your jaw broken? Something like that has gotta hurt.

[Laughs] Nah, man ain’t nobody break my fuckin’ jaw. Come on, man, you gotta break everything else after that, dawg. You ain’t gon’ hear that. You gon’ hear Lil Wayne dead. ’Cause you ain’t gon’ break my jaw and I’ma just leave it like that. It’s gon’ be, “What happened to the nigga who broke his jaw? He gone? Shiiiiiieeeeet.” I got $100 thousand worth of work up in this muthafucka. If you broke my jaw, nigga, you done broke the bank.

You caused a bit of controversy a few months back when you were quoted in Complex magazine saying that you’re better than Jay-Z. How’d you go from “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” to being better than him?

I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I wanna apologize to Jay and his family and friends, because I was asked that question and they put it in there like I was just feeling like, “Oh, you know what, nigga? I’m better than Jay!” They came at me like, “So you say you’re the best. Can you say that you’re better than everybody? Would you say you’re better than Jay?” I was like, “Yeah, nigga, I’m better than everybody!” But I’d like to throw that apology out there ’cause of whatever trouble I caused, I ain’t want that to happen.


NYCE "Eulogy" (Dipset/Camron)

G-Unit rapper NYCE released this video in what appears to be the next line of visual assaults.

Cuurrtis better be careful, word is Young Buck wants out. The only roadblock I could imagine the two having is that I'm sure the contract Cuurrtis has him under is pretty lock solid.

I suggest you read this article from the NY Times on Koch Records.

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Timbaland - Give It To Me (feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado) Video

Timbo is very resourceful, he utilized the 10 seconds that he seems to have had with JT to make this video. Is it any better that Nelly mailed in her part?

JT's ex spent the day yesterday smoking weed in a park with former ET star Drew Barrymore

Turns out OnSmash didn't block my address as I initially thought. If I incorrectly accused them, I apologize.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Timberland vs Scott Storch

The Timberland/Scott Storch situation was starting to bubble last week, but now it has been brought to a full boil. Timber went off Scott Smurf a bit on MTV's "My Block" last week, and then had some more quotes over the weekend. During MTV's Overdrive Timbo dropped some more ether saying, "simply wordplay is not Hip-Hop" and "Kids wanna snap & lean. It's cool but that's not Hip-Hop."

The beef has now escalated to the point that Scott Storch has released a diss track called "Built Like Dat" and it features Nox. This track can be heard over at HHNLive and NahRight.

Rap beef is so first quarter of '07, producer beef is way more interesting.

By the way Timberland's album 'Shock Value' is supposed to come out March 27th.

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Redman - Red Gone Wild (Tracklist)

Redman is currently leaps and bounds in front of the competition for worst album cover of the year for his new album. 'Red Gone Wild - Thee Album' is set to be released on March 27th. The first single is called "Put it Down" and was produced by Timberland (who has numerous times claimed to stop producing rap songs).

Redman - Put It Down (Stream)

Here is the tracklist:

1. "Fire" (Feat. E3)
2. "Bak Inda Buildin"
3. "Put It Down" (Produced by Timbaland) (Add. vocals by DJ Kool)
4. "Future Thugs" (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Ludacris & Icadon)
5. "Gimmie One"
6. "F**k Ur Opinion (Skit)"
7. "Sumtn 4 Urrbody" (Feat. Blam, Runt Dawg, Ready Roc, Icadon & Saukrates)
8. "Pimp Nutz"
9. "Freestyle Freestyle" (Produced by Scott Storch)
10. "WutchooGonnaD" (Feat. Melanie Rutherford)
11. "Walk In Gutta" (Feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Biz Markie) (Produced by Erick Sermon)
12. "Dis Iz Brick City" (Feat. Ready Roc) (Produced by DJ Clark Kent)
13. "Rite Now" (Produced by Erick Sermon)
14. "Blow Treez" (Feat. Ready Roc & Method Man)
15. "Suicide"
16. "Mr. Ice Cream Man (Skit)"
17. "Hold Dis Blaow!"
18. "Get 'Em" (Feat. Saukrates & Icadon) (Produced by Tha Chill)
19. "Merry Jane" (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg) (Produced by Rockwilder)
20. "Gilla House Check"
21. "No Mo Soopaman Luva (Skit)"
22. "Soopaman Luva 6" (Feat. E3, Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford)
23. "Soopaman Luva 6 1/2" (Feat. Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford)

Jamal Crawford Listens to Gangsta Music

Jamal Crawford, shooting guard for the New York Knicks gives his rundown on MTV's Mixtape Monday for what music pumps the Knicks up to lose before games.
You'll hear Jay-Z for sure. Then you'll hear Jeezy, Game and Lil Wayne. Can't forget Lil Wayne. Everybody loves Wayne. T.I. too. Everybody bumps to the same thing. There may be times when we listen to Jeezy more, but lately Wayne and Jay have been really dominating the locker room. Wayne's got so much on the mixtape, but with Game, we like the song with him and Nas, 'Why You Hate the Game.' ... I'm more [into] lyrics. Jay, sometimes it could take you a few times to listen to him to really catch what he's saying. Wayne is getting to that level. He breaks stuff down, his detail is crazy. [Center/forward] Eddy Curry has been a Lil Wayne fan ... for a long time. So I gotta give it to him. He's been putting us on him.
I see you Eddy Curry.

Also from Mixtape Monday, while on the phone shopping with Currtiss's son Tony Yayo had some words about some people:
I don't believe Cam'ron, I don't believe Jim Jones, I don't believe Lil Wayne, I don't believe Baby, I don't believe Game and I don't believe Fat Joe. I feel like Cam'ron is a peon. Let's ask the general public: When is the last time Cam'ron made a f---ing hit? It's time for these n---as to pay the piper.
I just got a copy of Twisted Black's new record, the record label made it sound like he wasn't in as much trouble as he turns out to be. He was just convicted of conspiracy and delivering more than 1,000 grams of crack cocaine. What does conspiracy and delivery of 1,000 grams of crack cocaine get you these days? About three concurrent 30-years in jail.

Some more information was emailed into me about Straight Up Brands. Read this post from last Friday as well as this link about the CEO's former company. If you want to really get going, listen to this interview. Between the 10th and 14th minute of the interview you hear the CEO make fun of rappers killing one another and that could help sales.

Big shout goes out to On Smash who blocked their videos from SLTGM. What is the point of offering embedded html if you don't want it posted? It seems I am not the only one who was given the peasure.

What would Monday morning be without seeing P. Diddy's kid do his Rich Boy impersonation?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Things

The video below is an interview with Jim Jones from True Stores.

Days after Busta reaches is offered a plea deal he is "Busta-ed" again, this time for driving with no license.

Writers Block 4 sold 12,900 copies in its first 7 day cycle. Is this good or bad? For a mixtape not too bad right?

Idolator has some new Redman tracks from his new 'Live From The Bricks' mixtape.

I'm not even going to listen to this Fall Out Boy/Kayne West song, but you can over at HHNLive. Didn't Jay-Z "executive produce" the new Fall Out Boy?

Think Fall Out Boy and Kayne are a weird combo (at least they are both from Chicago), Jermaine Dupri and +44's Travis Barker starting a clothing line. Dupri has partnered with Barker's line Famous Stars and Straps. Their clothes will first be available this Spring at over 200 stores nationwide and then will quickly move to Marshall's and TJ Maxx.

Here are links to the new Stephen Marley tracks and the new k-os video:

Stephen Marley feat Mos Def - "Hey Baby" (Stream)

Stephen Marley feat Damian Marley and Phantom (beatboxing) - "Traffic Jam" (Stream)

k-os - "Sunday Morning" (Video)

The Jibbs "King Kong" remix makes me want to listen to Lil’ Wayne's verse over and over again. Listen to the track at Discobelle. "Young Money, Young Money, Young Money"

Finally, make sure you check out the Willy Joy mix that I posted earlier this week. It has been making the rounds on the internet.


Straight Up Brands and Sizzurp

On Wednesday I posted this about M.O.P. endorsing Sizzurp. I was sent this email today giving me a little more info on Straight up Brands (company that distributes Sizzurp).
I noticed on your blog talking about Straight Up Brands and Sizzurp.I wouldn't belive a word that company says because the stock is nothing more than a pump and dump. They have issued fabricated paid press releases before and I don't believe the M.O.P. thing. They had M.O.P. promoting triple coconut rum and it all at once changed. They re-did their webiste and left Triple Coconut Rum with M.O.P. off the brands link. However, if you go to the news links on their website you will see Triple Coconut Rum with M.O.P.

The CEO of the company has a history of leaving investors with the bill after he and his associates rob them.

Here is a link to the money man behind Straight Up Brands Inc.

You will also notice that the investors relations firm for Straight Up Brands is also the IR firm for those other companies.

Spread the word and make people aware of the company before they possibly get people killed over that M.O.P press release.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jim Jones/Funk Master Flex Interview (2-21-2007)

These days audio just isn't enough, sometimes you need a video.

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"The Street Dream Tour" (featuring almost everyone)

"The Street Dream Tour" will feature Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne, Jim Jones, Baby, Fat Joe and Rich Boy. There are also tour dates up at Jimmy's myspace page, but they don't exactly match up. The lineup is of course subject to change, and the only show listed on ticketmaster right now is the March 16th show in Greenville.

March 3 - Cricket Arena- Charlotte, NC
March 11 - Convention Center- Orlando, FL
March 15- RichmondColiseum- Richmond, VA
March 16- Bi-LoCenter - Greenville, SC
March 17- Coliseum - Greensboro, NC
March 18- Civic Center - Macon, GA
March 22- US Cellular Center - Milwaukee, WI
March 23 - US Bank Arena - Cincinnati, OH
March 24- Louisville Gardens- Louisville, KY
March 25- Gaylord Entertainment Center - Nashville, TN
March 28- Nassau Coliseum- Uniondale, NY
March 29- Dunkin Doughnuts Center - Providence, RI
March 30- Sports Arena - Toledo, OH
April 1- 1st Mariner Arena - Baltimore, MD
April 5 - Alltel Arena - N. Little Rock, AR
April 6- Municipal Arena - Kansas City, KS
April 8- New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA
April 14- Scottrade - St. Louis, MO
April 15- Target Center -Minneapolis, MN
April 21-Cohen Stadium - El Paso, TX,
April 29- USC -Los Angeles, CA

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Jim Jones on Funk Flex

I posted that video for those who might not have seen it. Thanks to V for sending this over.

This interview with Funk Flex is long but it's Jimmy, and he always holds it down.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Also spotted at

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Young Buck - Get Buck (Video)

'Buck the World' March 20th right?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why is M.O.P. promoting Sizzurp?

According to Straight Up Brands (Sizzurp’s distributor) M.O.P. have signed on to endorse the Sizzurp. For those who don't know Sizzurp was originally developed and marketed in conjunction with Cam’ron and Jim Jones and now M.O.P. will help endorse the product via placement in new song lyrics, music videos, and while on tour worldwide with tour van wraps, stage banners and on-stage pours.

What is going on here? How could 50 let this one happen? First Prodigy puts out a record on Asylum and now this? Won't it be great with 50 appears in a M.O.P. video drinking some Sizzurp?

According to Straight Up Brands Lil Flip also has a drink coming out called "Lucky Nites Golden Liqueur." Also, where can I get some MoMo Mojito.

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Another Detox update from Dr. Dre

During a call to Big Boy's Power 106 radio show in Los Angeles (in honor of his birthday) Dre had some info on his long-long-long awaited album 'Detox'
I'm trying to get everybody that I've ever worked with over the years to appear on the records. There are gonna be some new guys that I'm working with, Bishop Lamont and Slim the Mobster, those two guys I think are incredible, new artists out of the west coast that I'm trying to get out there

Trust me, this will be worth the wait, I'm trying to make this the one they remember me for .It's a lot of pressure but I'm feeling good about it. I feel like I'm my worst critic and if I'm loving it, everyone else will. I'm tryna put 12, 13 songs on the album. I'm not totally sure about the month but it will be definitely be out this year.
Remember that, "It will definitely be out this year."

Here is a link to the entire interview

Speaking of long delays, anyone hear that Guns N' Roses song posted yesterday at Idolator?

Update: It seems that this will rule out Lil Wayne or the Diplomats from being on the album..


Tru Life and Memphis Bleek Dissing Dipset

Tru life is so stupid, I hate that dude. Fast forward about 5 minutes in to hear Bleek.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where Does Lil Wayne Stand?

An article in the New York Times was just released called "Hip-Hop Outlaw" by Samantha M. Shapiro, some very interesting points are made regarding the Aphilliates mixtape raid.

I have to admit I was a little suspect about the statement that Lil Wayne first issued regarding the raid. Wayne said that Drama would have to "play the game fair." Wayne should have stood behind Drama a bit more, especially since 'Dedication 2' was used as such an important piece for Wayne to gain the respect he has today. As pointed out in the Times article, 'Dedication 2' appeared on the Billboard hip-hop and R&B charts and was widely reviewed in the mainstream press. (Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times chose “Dedication 2” as one of the 10 best recordings of 2006.) Wayne further explains that it was unfortunate when mixtapes outsell an artist's official label release, cutting into the artist's royalties. What is Wayne saying here? Did he not want Drama to sell so many copies? Either way, the web site has Lil Wayne on their front page with the caption “Is Wayne a traitor? Did he side with the suits? We didn’t abandon Drama — will you? Who’s next to jump ship?”

This Times article brings up several questions- After reading the article I have so many questions, like why were retailers still selling 'Dedication 2' after the raid? And why is there a Georgia state law requiring CDs to be labeled with the name and address of the producers?


Tuesday News and Music

This has been spotted all over the internet, but today the single goes for sale on itunes. All the proceeds from the single will be donated to the "NIKE Youth Sport for Change Fund."

Kanye West, Nas & KRS-One & produced by Rick Rubin - Better Than I've Ever Been (Stream)

Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim, remixed by DJ Premier - Better Than I've Ever Been DJ Premier Remix (Stream)

Buy the single at itunes here

Top Billin has just released Vol. 5! Check the tracklist here and download it here. Their 12" will be out soon and expect Vol. 6 in April.

In the next couple of weeks Peldawg will be releasing 'Still Blue and Yellow'. For those not familiar, DJ Akilles and Peldawg put out 'Blue and Yellow' about 2 years ago using Jay-Z's 'Black Album' and Swedish beats. You can download the oringinal 'Blue and Yellow' album here. 'Still Blue and Yellow' will feature the 'Blueprint' album. Check back in a couple of weeks for this.

Anyone else think that Polow Da Don might be have the best year for a producer in '07? Read his interview with Complex Magazine here. You have to love this quote about Jay-Z.
I got this record for Jay Z that would make him the coolest guy around. I really thought long and hard about it, like, "How do we make Jay Z cool?" Because the problem he's having is, he's not cool. Jim Jones took his coolness away. The only people who think Jay Z is cool right now are, like, you know, 35 and older, and hate current music. People who are current think Jay Z has lost it and he wears thong-toe sandals. So no matter how cool he wanna make that, kids aren't gonna go for it
How correct Palow is..

The creator and fellow Grindin' member callmeMikey has now unleashed CallMeClassical. This gives me the ideal swagger jack, how about a Still Listen to Easy Listening Music?

In an effort to make this post this morning even more random, vote for the "New" seven wonders of the world.

And finally for some Britney Spears news you might not have known, Idolator has a very interesting article today linking Britney Spears to George Bush.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Willy Joy - Ethnic Food Mix

A few weeks ago I asked Willy Joy if he wanted to make a mix for Still-Listen. I think the Willy Joy "Flybynight" mix is one of the better crafted full length mixes I have heard. If you don't have a copy of 'Flybynight' buy one from the TTL for 7 dollars.

Willy Joy's mix he made for SLTGM is called "Ethnic Food". Make sure you read what Willy Joy has to say about the mix, it makes it even more enjoyable to listen to. Below the description you will find the mix available in the usual formats as well as a tracklisting.
I wanted to compile some of my favorite songs that used samples of foreign music or had foreign guests in what seemed to me a kind of non-sequitor way. I guess there are two ways to look at this - either American musical imperialism - appropriating other culture's sounds for our own without considering where the sounds came from in the first place, or it's cutting-edge producers and musicians making that next shit and breaking down walls (i.e. American radio needs this shit.) I don't claim to make a statement either way, but I will say I love most of the tracks in this mix and think they're fucking great. At the end I try my own hand at it with excellent/terrible results using a classic racially insensitive song with a not-so-classic house-ification of what might have originally been "gypsy" music.

I also learned a little while making this mix - I was unaware of this woman named Raje Shwari who was Timbaland's protege for a while in the early 00's. She does the vocals on "Indian Flute" and "The Bounce" as well as a lot of other Timbaland bangers produced around that time. Anyway, her voice is great and I'm trying to track down more from her. If anyone has her promo single "Indian Style", holler at me or link it up!
Track Listing:
R. Kelly feat. Cam'Ron - Thoia Thoing (remix)
Rich Boy - Get To Poppin'
Timbaland & Magoo - Indian Flute
Jay-Z - The Bounce
Punjabi MC feat. Jay-Z - Beware Of The Boys (remix)
Erick Sermon feat. Redman - React
Truth Hurts feat. Rakim - Addictive
ODB & Black Keith - Thirsty (Bhangra Remix)
Mahala Rai Banda - Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub)
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny

Willy Joy - Ethnic Food (YSI)/(Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

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Album Updates and Some Things

"Don't worry about that Detox album. It's coming. We're gonna make Dre do it." Right? Well, word from HHNLive is that the album will be 12-13 tracks deep and Dr. Dre has already recorded 18 songs for consideration. Rumor is that the first track will be called "Intervention" and apparently the album is set to feature appearances from The Game, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, MC Ren, Xzibit and more. Could 'Detox' be the most anticipated rap album ever?

According to the updated release schedule from Asylum the new Cam'ron album will be called 'Crime Pays' and will be released on May 7th. Cam will also be collaborating with Hell Rell on a project called Uptown Boys. I first saw mention of this in the booklet for the new JR Album. According to Asylum the Uptown Boys album will be released on August 7th.

Lots of crazy things went on this weekend- Young Buck got in a fight with Game or something. Weird E-40 is dead rumors circulated around the internet. Britney shaved her head, and Rosie posted this weird (poem?) thing on her blog.

Later today I'm gonna throw up a really nice Willy Joy mix made specifically for this site. I am really excited to post it, check back later today and make sure you grab it.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Best thing I have seen all day

I know a million videos exist like this on the internet, but someone in blue jeans makes it very special.

Friday Things (Camron/Curtis update)

I am trying to keep score in the Cam/Curtis beef, what is at now Cam 4 : 50 1?

Ethan Brown is reporting this:
Somebody called Cam’s probation officer and told him that Cam had put a hit out on 50 Cent. Cam was then told to come down and talk to the probation officer–or face arrest. When Cam arrived to speak with probation officer, he was told that they had seen the ‘Cuurtis’ video as well as 50’s video about Cam. Cam was also asked about Supreme: ‘How do you know Supreme?’ Cam said that he did not know Supreme but that Supreme is a stand-up guy and 50 should not have been laughing at him on Hot 97. At the end of the interview, Cam stressed that the Diplomats ain’t got no beef with G-Unit. This is just music.
Interesting..I have no idea what to really think of this.

Here is an interview of Cam in Harlem talking about some things? Anyone notice the line in the diss track that goes " sand around, but I'm in my beach chair". Really nice that Cam threw that in there, Cam sees you Jay.

More Dips involved in beef. In this case we have Katt Williams going at Jay's crew, this time the against the Young Gunz. I heard a while back that Katt was going to be releasing a rap album called 'The Birth of Pimp-Hop'. Listen to the track here.

In other non-Diplomats things...

More trouble for Foxy Brown who was arrested in Miami after a disturbance at a beauty supply store.

(Sand)Wich Boy "Throw Some Cheese on that Bitch" Video

I suggest you read Bryon Crawford's article on XXL about music thus far in '07 and free mixtapes.

Speaking of mixtapes- Grind Time Official Presents Skulls & Roses. Not sure who Grind Time Official is? Check out their myspace. I'll tell you this much, the real name of one member is Michael Render but he goes by the name Killer Mike.

This Teddy Ted mixtape called 'Euro Crunk Vol.2' has been posted around various myspace sites, listen to it if you haven't yet.

What We Do is Secret has a nice video of some lethal self defense courtesy of Bas Rutten.

Finally, a comeback for Scotty Pippen? What in the name of God is he thinking? Shawn Kemp back to the Sonics? What is it, 1995?

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Mike Jones - Mr. Jones (Video)

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lil Wayne Feat Sizzla - La La (Video Pictures)

Photo credit: Akafully

I am officially more excited about 'The Carter 3' than any album of '07 or maybe even of '08. The excitement only increases with the photographic evidence that Sizzla is on the first single which is believed to be called "La La". If you look closely at the picture above, the single might actually be called "The Only Reason" (not that it even matters).

In case you missed it Wayne just released a track called "Reggae Shit", which along with these video photo's explains a lot about about where 'The Carter 3' might be headed. I could see this evolution for Weezy as soon as "Mo Fire" started on 'The Carter 2' and it makes plenty of sense.

I am tempted to go and add all the pictures from the video, but you should just check them out yourself.

All this leads to the question. When the hell are we going to get to hear "La La"?


JR Writer - Writers Block Vol. 4 (Review)

I want to hear what you guys have to say about new releases and what you are listening to. I am going to start putting up quick record/track reviews on Still-Listen as a means to better make everyone more aware of what is coming out and what you should get your hands on. Email or hit up Still-Listen on Myspace and I will feature some reader comments/reviews on a certain record/song when I can work it in.

JR Writer
Writers Block 4
Buy it from itunes

JR Writer just released the 4th volume in the 'Writer's Block' series, and it is being pretty slept on. Should it be? JR sold something around 50K of his last album.

I'm one of those JR listeners who is still curious why "Mezmorized" off 'Writer's Block 2' didn't appear on his major label debut. Number 4 in the series has it's moments, of course- some good, some bad and some just OK. If JR would have combined the hot tracks off volume 4 with the hot tracks off 'History in the Making' he would have had a really solid debut album. "Get Em" (produced by JR's brother) is a great song, and would have sounded really good after a track like "Zoolander" or "Grill Em".

Buy or listen to samples of 'Writer's Block 4' at itunes
JR Writer featuring Hell Rell - DukeDaGod Presents: JR Writer Writer's Block 4

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Cam'ron - Curtis (Video)

I'm not even going to comment on the Las Vegas jacket, bums yelling Curtis, cops yelling Curtis, UPS drivers, the court scene, the GQ cover or the deli scene at the end.

Congrats Cam, I can't wait for Fif to respond.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beyonce S.I. Photo Shoot

S.I. has all the pictures

Happy Valentines Day!


Skills To Pay The Bill$ - Still Listen Mix

Samuel from Skills to Pay the Bill$ came through with a 11 minute mix that would suite as a perfect soundtrack played on repeat for any late night activities with your valentine tonight (or any night). Thanks to Samuel for doing this mix. It only took me two minutes of listening to this to email Samuel back this morning and let him know how much I liked the mix. Samuel has all kinds of other mixes and music to listen to on Skills to Pay the Bill$, so check it out.

Here is a direct link to the download the mix (remember, right click save as).


Jim Jones - Ballin (Samuel Curtis Edit)
Rick ross - Hustlin VS JT - My Love
Jay Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder Acapella
Cassidy - I'm a Hustla VS Fergie - London Bridge
Lil Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy VS Beyonce - Check On It (Samuel Remix)
Cam'ron & Lil Wayne - Touch It or Not VS NAS - Can't Forget About You / G-Dep - Special Delivery
Rich Boy - Throw Some D's VS Jurassic 5 - Jurass Finish First / Run DMC - Sucker MC's
Clipse & Slim Thug - Wamp Wamp VS Run DMC - Sucker MC's

As always, feel free to send in any mix or any questions about making a mix.


Camron's Memorial Site

Rap beefs version 3.0 involve lots of exchanges via myspace. The web site which forwards to a myspace page was recently launched. The point is to pay respect to Cameron "Cam'Ron" Giles who's career ended at 12:01 am on February 9th (according to the web site).

Murder Ma$e just released a Dipset diss called "Immortal" and it can be heard at HHNLive. It will be interesting to see how much of a lapdog Ma$e plays to 50, he even sounds like Fif on this track.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

David Banner Update

Every once in a while it is important to go back and look at what David Banner is up to. Banner is one of the more under rappers appreciated in the game, how can you ignore a guy who earned his Master’s Degree at University of Maryland and placed in the top 10% of his program and produced "Rubber Band Man"? More importantly the guy who was responsible for this, I really have to go back and read that every couple of months. For those who don't want to click the link here is a run down of an industry concert Banner gave a while back from the Village Voice/Status Ain't Hood Article:
On the next song, he tore down the Universal banner behind the stage, threw it on as a cape, and then charged into the crowd again. He threw up devil horns and yelled, "All you white people, put ya rock signs up! And all you black people, I know you working for somebody white because that's who runs the industry, so put ya rock signs up too or else you might get fired!" Then the DJ cued up "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and Banner chanted, "Rock! Rock! Rock!" He stared into the audience and said, "If my father die and you fuck this album up, I'ma kill y'all," and gave a low chuckle.
The album he was talking about was 'Certified' which ended up selling 1.7 million world wide, so his scare tactics worked. Banner is currently working on a few films ('This Christmas' with Chris Brown) as well as his working on his new album. Banner makes this claim to MTV about his new untitled album, and gives some info on where the album is at right now:
It's probably going to be the best album ever in history; well, maybe besides some of the older cats. But as far as rap, by the time ['This Christmas'] comes out, I will have taken over. Right now, we're actually going through a big war about what the name of the album's gonna be. Because I want this album to have a regal name. My first [major-label] album was called Mississippi: The Album, and that's big to me. [This time] I'm working with T.I., Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Carl Thomas, Akon. And everybody just came in for this album. Lil Wayne blessed me with the verse of the century! It's been amazing. Snoop Dogg came in and blessed me; Akon hit me with the hottest tracks; Cool and Dre, Lil Jon. It's probably going to be one of the greatest rap albums.
I can't wait. David Banner also has a part in the movie Black Snake Moan as a "beefy black drug dealer named Tehronne"


Fabolous - From Nothing to Something

The word is that 'From Nothing to Something' will actually be out on March 27th. Here is a stream for the track "Diamonds" Lil Wayne has been replaced by Young Jeezy, I liked the Weezy version better.

Fabolous Feat Young Jeezy - Diamonds (Stream)

I don't really understand how but XXL Magazine ranked "From Nothing to Something" the 8th most anticipated album of 2007.

Check out Fab's myspace for some more tracks including the "Myspace Freestyle"

Fat Joe - Make It Rain (Remix)

I want to hear a remix of this song where it is just R.Kelly. I don't mind listening to T.I., Ace Mack, Baby, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross, but Kells is really on point here.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike Jones - The American Dream Cover


The video for "Mr. Jones" is set to premiere February 15th on 106 and Park

'The American Dream' will be out April 17.


New vyle. remix

New vyle. remix:

Ocelot - Lo Forzo (vyle. remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Thanks to vyle for sending me this. I was just talking this weekend about how much I enjoy his remixes, they have a very unpredictable way about them.

Also, if in the Montreal area make sure you go see vyle.

3.01.07 Relaxe Le Gros W/ Ghislain Poirier,Maxime Robin
3.02.07 Sharp A'Los @ Zoobizarre w/Teki and Cuiz

If you don't already know vyle. is playing in Chicago this weekend with Uffie as part of the BPM tour.


Camron Interviews, New Lil Wayne and more

Camron - Interview (Discussing 50 Cent Beef) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

This interview is from 93.7, the same station that spoke with 50 the day after the Hot 97 feud.

More from Cam speaking with DJ Kay Slay

Here is a new Lil Wayne track via HHNLive:

Lil' Wayne "Reggae Shit"

Ian at Different Kitchen wrote a nice wrap up about free mixtapes post the DJ Drama/Don Cannon raid, since then a new Freeway and a new Young Chris mixtape have been made available.

On the other side of things Universal is threating legal action against DJ Swindle because of his 80 Cent mixtape.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Three 6 Mafia - Dope Boy Fresh (Feat. Chamillionaire) Video

Here are some video stills from the new Mike Jones video

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Cam'ron - Bugs Monkey (50 Cent diss)

Cam'ron - Bugs Monkey (50 Cent diss) (snippet) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Less than 24 hours...nice work Killa.


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50 Cent - Funeral Music (Cam'ron Diss) Video

No lie, 50 came pretty good.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lil Wayne XXL Cover

On the same day it comes out that Gillie is in prison Weezy F B gets the cover of the April issue of XXL.

Also, "Lil' Wayne Has Been Misrepresenting New Orleans," Says B.G. (via Rap Basement)

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Gillie Da Kid Arrested For Having 89 Pounds of Weed

Lil Wayne doesn't have to worry about Gillie Da Kid anymore (at least not for a while). Gillie Da Kid was arrested on Tuesday (Feb. 6) for running two drug houses. Smarten up Gillie, having 89 pounds of marijuana worth $404,000 is not a good look if you are hoping to avoid jail time. Gillie along with 5 others were arrested with conspiracy and possessing narcotics with intent to deliver. Wayne is safe from horrible photoshops like this from appearing for a little bit (at least from Gillie). For more go to HHNLive.

Gillie Da Kid's publicist, Mary Bowlin has responded to the charges (however this is the same woman that started the broken jaw Lil Wayne rumor)
I am confirming the fact that Gillie was indeed arrested on Tuesday. However, the charges are unwarranted and once Gillie has his day in court, we are confident that the evidence against him will prove to be false. This was clearly a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gillie is in no way guilty of the charges brought against him and once all facts come to light, he will be vindicated.

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Mid Week Things

The above faces are of T.I., The Game and Jimmy Jones for the new Def Jam Icon video game. They look pretty good, check out more at HHNLive. The game will be released on March 6th.

Speaking of Def Jam, my favorite character from the last game is no longer with the label. The rumors of N.O.R.E leaving Def Jam are in fact true, word is that he might go to Koch.

Britney Spears gets her whale tail pulled. Every so often I see a nasty girl like Britney sitting around looking much like Britney does in this picture, but I have never seen anyone go up to them and pull on it. Pretty funny (via The Superficial).

Put the curiosity to rest the Analog Giant has posted the Hives/Timberland track.

Nick Catchdubs recently did a mix for the modyfier as part of the "process series".

Today is the last chance to enter the Lady Sovereign + Swatch Contest

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Young Jeezy - Go Getta (Feat. R Kelly)

My favorite track on the new Jeezy.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mims - "This Is Why I'm Hot" (Remix)

Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot" (remix) Feat Junior Reid and Cham (Stream 1 and Stream 2)

Despite all the attempts from Jay and Nas, is Mims going to bring New York Back?

Or maybe Saigon will, his new mixtape 'The Return Of Tha Yardfather' mixtape recieved an XL in XXL Magazine.

Lil Mama is making the rounds and Ian at Different Kitchen called it all a while back, but it takes an email/promo kit sent by Jive telling us bloggers it ok to post her song "Lip Gloss" and then the flood gates open. Discobelle has "Lip Gloss" and make sure you visit Different Kitchen for more info on Lil Mama (who might also bring New York back). Sorry for all the bring New York back references, I just get a little sick of hearing about this subject.

I really can't picture this, but Coldplay are working to get Timberland to produce some tracks on their new album. I don't get it here, Chris Martin produced "Beach Chair" off Jay's record, but how do they end up with Timberland on a track. The odd collaboration to look forward to is Chippendale from Lighting Bolt producing a track on the new Bjork album.

Not that it matters at all but The Superficial has a report that Britney Spears is into girls and has been living "a secret life of wild sex".

Lost is back on starting tonight, Heroes has made me less than enthused about Lost returning. I can only really keep up on 1 show, but good news from JJ Abrams regarding the Star Trek movie. Apparently, he is still involved in the project.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jim Jones Def Jam Icon Video Game

I'm confused, how is Jimmy a part of a Def Jam video game? I hope Nas is in this game so he can get his Kufi smacked right off.

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50 on the phone with Camron (Video)

Yesterday I posted video of Camron on the phone with 50, so naturally there was going to be a not nearly as funny video of 50 in the Hot 97 studio taking the call.

A new M.I.A. single was made available yesterday called "Bird Flu". I heard that she ditched Timberland and did all the beats "herself". I can't even lie, the beat to 'Bird Flu" is one of the most crazy things I have ever heard. Why did she call the track "Bird Flu" you ask, she claims it is cause the beat is gonna kill everyone. Check out the track "Bird Flu' as well as the video at Discobelle, Notes From a Different Kitchen, FiftyOne:FiftyOne, all courtesy of Risky Bizniz and Grindin'

Rosco P. Coldchain is looking for beats

New Justin Timberlake video for the track "What Goes Around...Comes Around" also in the video Scarlett Johansson, who he is apparently dating.

Indiana Jones 4 has a release date of May 22, 2008

'Chinese Democracy' might not actually be coming out on March 6th as Axel earlier said. What will come first 'Detox', 'Chinese Democracy' or this new My Bloody Valentine album?

Did anyone catch the Star Trek reference in Heroes last night?

Anyone else disappointed with the contestants in the slam dunk contest?

Gerald Green, Boston
Dwight Howard, Orlando
Nate Robinson, New York
Tyrus Thomas, Chicago

It is easy to be disappointed when the judges are Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, “Dr.J”, Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Camron on the phone with 50

The The Happy Kaufman sent in this video on Friday, but here is the real deal.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

50 Cent and Cam'ron Chitchat A Little (Video)

Thank you to Markus & Wilhelm from The Happy Kaufman for sending this in. Brilliant job giving us this visual to such a classic moment. For more from The Happy Kaufman check out their You Tube Channel.

CUUURTIIIIIS is the new Ballllin right?

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Juelz Santana - Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagen Era)

Earlier in the week I took care of a Jim Jones update, and I've got a Juelz Santana update today.

The "Black Republicans" Freestyle that came out last weekend raised the 'I Can't Feel My Face' question again, will it really be coming out? Well, according to Mr. LaRon Louis James (aka Juelz Santana) the album "Is definitely going down" Juelz recently told AllHipHop that him and Lil Wayne have over 40 songs and they are going to pick the best ones for 'I Can't Feel My Face", which is still due in stores later this year. Juelz added:
It's something that's never been done before, a dude from the north and a dude from the south, especially with the south being so hot, and me being one of the hottest dudes in the north. We just gonna let the music talk. Me and Weezy just put out a single 'Black Republicans.' We Black Democrats running those Black Republicans out of office.
Juelz is also finishing up his next album called 'Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagen Era)'. The title is a reference to 'The Reagen Era (1981-1989) when crack cocaine ran crazy in the inner city, something Juelz really wasn't around too much for (in 1989 Juelz was 6). Juelz explains:
The Reagan era was the biggest crack era ever, and I feel like I am human crack in the flesh. When I say that I don't want people to confuse it. My music is so potent, you get addicted to it.
I really like Juelz, I think his last album had some really nice songs it and I am already looking forward to 'Born to Lose...." but he needs to drop the human crack stuff. I thought maybe he was heading that way when he announced the title to the last 'Back Like Cooked Crack' tape was going to be called 'Death', but apparently not.

Right now Juelz is all over the place with the The Second Coming: Our Game, Our Time Nike Ad. If you haven't seen the video, check it out here.

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Friday Things

Punxsutawney Phil did not see a shadow, which means Spring is right around the corner.

I suggest you listen to the whole Angie Martinez 50 Cent, Styles P., Camron, Jim Jones interview from yesterday.

Game bragging about finger banging Vida Guerra at Jamie Fox's party.

Mick Boogie and Little Brother
will making their new mixtape 'And Justus For All' available for free download on February 13.

Read an interview by Eskay from Nah Right With Mick Boogie and Phonte

What the hell has been going on this week with these Nas remixes? I wasn't really been paying attention as all this was happening, then all the sudden three days later there are three remixes with a massive amount of people on a track I can't even remember of 'Hip Hop is Dead'. Notes From a Different Kitchen has them all as well as all the guests listed. What is with the growing trend to have a remix with 5 or more people on it?

Ian at Different Kitchen also has the Kayne and Common Super Bowl song called "Southside Superbowl".

Harrison Ford might drop out of Indiana Jones if he can't use a real whip

Horror remix of When Harry Met Sally

Why isn't Camron in Freeky Zekey's top 8 or even top 16?

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50 Cent Self Destructs vs Styles P and Camron

Yesterday 50 Cent was on Angie Martinez’s show discussing some things with Styles P. Before you know it Alan Grunblat of Koch Records and Cam called Angie to take exception to some comments made by Curtis 'Interscope' Jackson about Koch and then Jimmy Jones called up. Takes me right back to those days of the brilliant Ma$e, Camron and Jim Jones Hot 97 phone call days. This is pure comedy right here, check out this quote:

"how much did the Mobb sell Curt?.." - Camron

50 Cent and Stypes P

50 Cent and Camron

Here is the full interview

50 Cent and Jim Jones

Thanks to everyone that sent these links in. So who won?

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

DJ Jus Ske Presents My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

DJ Jus Ske brings on a mashup album of Pharrell's, "In My Mind". I noticed that Discobelle also just posted this up as well.

DJ Jus Ske - My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

His web site is really great, it is a mash up of google,, cnn, ebay and itunes defiantly worth taking a look at.


Rich Boy Rap City Freestyle/Willy Joy and some

Rich Boy on Rap City yesterday (1/31) going over "This is Why I'm Hot"

I posted info on Willy Joy a while back and now he returns with a new remix. If you haven't yet grabbed his mix 'Flybynight, Vol. 1' you should. It is for sale at the Turn Table Lab for only 7 bucks. Willy Joy is also locking down some shows in Chicago right now, so keep up to date with his happenings over at his myspace page.

The Pack - At The Club (Willy Joy Remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Back to Rich Boy for a second, Different Kitchen posted up the Rich Boy Remix, which I haven't stopped listening to since I heard it and another track called "Boy Looka Here" (also produced by Polow). Here is a Rick Boy interview from MTV Sucker Free.

Here is an interesting article written by Courtney Love about what music piracy really is..

Tyra Banks on being fat. Tyra is pretty honest here, and you gotta respect that.

Anyone interested in a Super Mario Firefox theme

Finally, according to HHNLive Ja Rule is set to appear in the next Saw movie due October 26, 2007. As a big fan of these movies at first I was less than thrilled, and then I read that he will be in the opening scene. Those familiar with these movies know what usually happens in the opening scene.

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