Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Freekey Zekey - Interview

As many of you know this site focuses heavily on the Diplomats so you must understand my excitement when I had the chance to interview Zeke. Freekey was a lot of fun to talk to and was very honest and entertaining. After I gave him my stan disclaimer he told me I could ask him 'anything' and he meant it. I really appreciate the time Zeke took to talk with me, even though he is "working so hard right now it's killing me, but I love doing it." As you will read Zeke is grateful to his loved ones and everyone that stuck besides him. Zeke is a really good guy and I encourage everyone to keep posted on him because he is going to be making some serious moves.

JJ: What comes to mind when you think about what Cam'ron said about you on the track "Dip-Set Forever"? The line that goes "Cause when music discouraged my pride/Zeke the only one with courage to ride"

Freekey Zekey: I've been with Cam since I had a mustache and a beard, everything Cam says says comes straight from the heart. We've been through everything in life- we're brothers. Cam was with me before I even knew how to pee straight. If it comes from Cam its the truth and everything he says, he means.

JJ: What can you tell me about Dipset South?

Zeke: Four Days after I got out I got signed and started Dipset South. People noticed my energy and my character. Busta and ODB are characters in that way, people recognize people like that. I didn't take their charisma, I bring my own. History repeats itself and that's me- they saw my character and knew that I could do something. This is four days after getting out of Jail!
After getting out of jail for being locked up for distribution of ecstasy in the state of North Carolina it was a good thing.

JJ: Well, that was just absurd - I mean the cops getting tipped off and all. But it is what it is.

Zeke: You have to do certain things and hit bottom before you can spring board to the top. I have found reason for my fall and that is so I can be at the top, you have to experience it all. I'm a solider-turned-chief. I had so much support in jail.

JJ: It must have been nice to see what was happening to the Dipset and know that was going to be there when you got out.

Zeke: That's the thing, you don't know. You think you know, but you never do.

JJ: That is what happened to ODB, I remember hearing him talk about how no one from Wu Tang came to visit him.

Zeke: I know, and that's the WU. When you are in jail you NEED people. You NEED people to bring you food, you NEED people to bring you clothes, you NEED people to bring you money. Juelz, Jimmy and Cam were all there, they went so far to do everything. If you don't have that support it can kill you.

JJ: I know, ODB looked to be in rough shape when he got out. I want to ask you a little about your album 'Book of Ezekiel', how far along are you?

Zeke: Oh, I'm done.

JJ: So is this tracklisting I have real? With "Daddy's Back" and "Hater What You Lookin' At"?

Zeke: Yea, "Daddy's Back" has wild curses on it. That track is Cadillac music. Music you can kick your shoes off and roll around with while getting head music. I got some skits on there too.

JJ: People are going to be really looking at those skits.

Zeke: Nobody expects me to be a rapper. I'm not doing this so I can walk out side with my hat tilted to the side and throw up my Dipset chain. I'm doing this to eat, to feed my son. I speak from my gut. Most rappers these days are talking my car this, my rims this [Zeke went into a great parody rap here].

JJ: What is your favorite Dipset track? I know if I'm walking around and 'Santana's Town' comes on my ipod I walk with a little bit more step, what track does that for you?

Zeke: I don't have a personal favorite. Everyone would tell you I'm a groupie. I love everyone, I enjoy at all my peoples music. I like every song that comes on. You hear Duke Da God's new More Than Music?

JJ: Yes, tell me about your track on that record.

Zeke: That is what I'm talking about right there, I was locked up and Duke delayed the album to get me on there. It was supposed to come out earlier, but he pushed it back to May. That is what Diplomats is though, it is all more than music cause it is.

JJ: Now you said I could ask you anything, so what is the real story about the alleged beef between Cam and Jimmy? Was Jimmy really going at Cam?

Zeke: Yea he was. Jimmy was going at Cam, but they like siblings. Things get escalated cause we in the eye of the public and people escalate it. It is like if we are rock stars and I start going at you, everyone is going to say that Zeke is going at Justin and make a big deal out of it.

JJ: Well it isn't really the same, but thanks.

Zeke: Well lets say we are siblings, and we start going at it. People will want to make something of it. But it's all love, we are family.

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