Wednesday, June 27, 2007

T.I. Has No Respect For Tony Yayo

I couldn't get the animated GIF playing right on here, click here for it.

Speaking on the BET awards and Yayo, anyone else think 'Amusement Park' was just awful? @ You Tube

I'll leave you all with this...Big Baby Wheezus

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

T.I.P. Rap City Freestyle (6/26/07)

Sorry for all the video updates...

What does everyone think of the new T.I. record?


Monday, June 25, 2007

Lil Wayne On Some Things

Lil Wayne Speaks On The Carter 3 Leak, Young Money, I Can't Feel My Face Album, ladies and more.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

S.A.S. - I Ain't Inna Dat (Feat. Slick Pulla)

Featuring Slick Pulla from USDA Off The 'Coming To America' Mixtape


Friday, June 22, 2007

T.I. and Jay-Z - Watch What You Say

NahRight has the new T.I. with Jay track, the track actually comes from HiphopDX and has the HiphopDX drops in it. I share the opinion that many seem to have of this, 'Jay hasn't sounded this good since....' maybe Sean is really going out of his way to impress Rihanna. There is some talk that Jay is going at Wayne on this track, and maybe Game a little. What do you guys think?

T.I. and Jay-Z - Watch What You Say @ NahRight

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Faith Community of Saint Sabina Thinks Lil Wayne and Others Are Trash

(thanks to Trac for the picture)

Taken from the Saint Sabina web site:
Saint Sabina puts up billboards targeting negative music

Starting today, twenty billboards will be going up throughout the city of Chicago denouncing artists that demean women and perpetuate violence. Some of the billboards are already posted.

Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of Saint Sabina church said, "If we are going to end the violence and the disrespect of women, we must fight every form of negativity, including the music industry."

The billboards read: "Stop Listening To Trash" naming ten present day disrespectful rappers.

Billboard locations:
87th & Vincennes 79th & Normal
79th & Ada 74th & Racine
79th & Ashland Halsted & Garfield
103rd & Wallace 79th & Western
119th & Wallace 107th & Michigan
115th & Forest 63rd & Wood
14th & Kedzie Keeler & Roosevelt
Kedvale & Ogden Fillmore & California
Ogden & Western Polk & California
16th & Pulaski 16th & Karlo
According to church spokesman Vince Clark, the rappers targeted by the include 50 Cent and G-Unit, Nelly, Ludacris, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Twista Snoop Dogg and “all negative rappers.” I would have thought a church in Chicago would have at least over looked Twista. If anyone can get a picture please let me know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MTV Raw Jim Jones Interview

Jimmy talks about the death of Stack Bundles, the future of hip hop, the future of Dipset and Jay-Z.

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Nu Jerzey Devil & Lil Wayne Discuss 'Blood Brothers'

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V Double O - Something You Might Feel (Video)

Unsigned hype, check out V Double O on myspace for more tracks.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Killa Kyleon Freestyle From His Car

I first heard Killa a few years ago and I knew that his time would soon come.

Chuch Norris Interviews Rapper TIMZ

Some things you should be listening to

Since summer is officially only a few days away...

USDA, Fabolous, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross - White Girl (Remix) @ NahRight and Discobelle

Killer Mike f. SL Jones, "Good 4 You" @ The Fader

A couple Juvenile gems "Everything" with T-Pain and "Who Can I Run Too" with Mannie Fresh @ From The Polo Fleece To The Jesus Piece

LL Cool J feat. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Tony Yayo and Kool G. Rap "Queens” @ Miss Info. I can't deny that this is the best 50 has sounded since....

J.R Writer - Stack Bundles Tribute @ Thug Online

Also, make sure you check out the Palms Out splinter site Attorney Street.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Game - Fuck A Suit (Album Cover)

This album would have to feature a "Hoodie" remix with Lady Sovereign.

Thanks to Missouri Sound Machine for the picture


50 Cent's 'Curtis' Tracklisting...Again

Interscope released the tracklisting for Curtis today on their website.

1 Straight To The Bank
2 Still Will Kill Feat. Akon
3 Smile
4 She Wants It
5 Peep Show Feat. Eminem
6 My Gun Go Off
7 Movin On Up
8 Hands Up High Feat. Tony Yayo
9 Fully Loaded Clip
10 Follow My Lead feat. Robin Thicke
11 Fire Feat. Nicole Sherzinger and Young Buck
12 Destiny
13 Officer Down
14 Come and Go Feat. Eminem
15 Amusement Park
16 All Of Me feat. Mary J. Blige
17 187
18 The Mechanic Feat. Tony Yayo

I heard clips of about 5 songs on this record and they were trash. I thought with the whole release date problem 50 would have some time to go in and record some more tracks.

'Curtis' will be in stores all over the world on September 3rd.


Shop Boyz Rap City Freestyle (6/14/2007)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

T.I.P. - You Know What It Is (Feat. Wyclef Jean) (Video)

I wasn't really feeling this song till right now.

'T.I. Vs. T.I.P.' In Stores On July 3rd.


Lil' Wayne Has Been Busy

Often times while listening to Lil' Wayne, I just want to stop and tell everyone to listen to him. My jaw hit the floor when he dropped the Eric Bieniemy (who is from the NO) line. At this point someone needs to put out a coffee table book with Lil Wayne one-liners so they can be closer examined.

If you have been away from the internet the last couple of days you have missed quite a bit from Dwayne. All the 'Carter 3' tracks that leaked a few weeks ago (such as "La, La" and "Dyin'") can all be heard on the "Carter 3 Sessions"-that is old news. This week "1000 Degreez" and "Love Me or Hate Me" leaked (which will more than likely appear on the new 'WEEZYAVELI' mixtape) have reached the internet. Wayne mentioned in an interview this week that he will be gathering up all the leaked tracks and come out with a mixtape called 'The Leak'. 'Carter 3' isn't even supposed to come out till early 2008.

Not only has Wayne been pumping out plenty of original material, but he also appears on the " Party Like A Rockstar" remix and a "Prostitute" remix with Trina ( listen to at The Fader ). Oh, and there is also The Cool Kids track .

Somewhere in all of this Weezy has recorded a mixtape with Game and 'I Can't Feel My Face' with Juelz. That has to come out one of these days, right?

In the coming months, Wayne will be featured on lots of guest spots (that is what he wanted to do in '07 anyway). Look for Wayne on the new T.I. record on a track called "Raw", on Kayne's new album 'Graduation' and the Zeke album to name a few. In the new issue of Scratch Magazine Wayne says "when you're hot it doesn't matter who calls: Whitney Houston, Yung Joc, anybody." Could this mean Wayne and Whitney are up to something? I am also hearing rumors that Wayne will have a song on the new Madden and the Simpsons movie soundtrack.

So, when did Lil' Wayne enter the next level? Was it 'Lil Weezyana' or was it ' Drought 3'?

By the time you finish reading this, I'm sure Lil Wayne recorded and leaked a few more tracks.


Certified Bananas, Willy Joy, Mike the 2600 King and Millions Billions June 22nd

Some of very good DJ's will be playing a show in Minneapolis on June 22nd in the First Avenue VIP room. The show is being presented by Still-Listen along with The Onion and will feature Certified Bananas, Willy Joy, Mike the 2600 King and Millions Billions. For those in or around Minneapolis who are interested in going and being but on a guest list just send me an email.

Speaking of Minneapolis, Mike the 2600 King from Burlesque of North America designed the flyer. Make sure you check out Mike the 2600 King's "Live Mixxx Action."

Not enough links for you? Go back and listen to mixes by Certified Bananas, Willy Joy and Millions Billions.


Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

According to Hurricane Chris, "A Bay Bay" has its genesis in the namesake of the Ratchet movement's cornerstone DJ, Hollyhood Bay Bay, who DJ's at a club called KoKo Pellisin Shreveport, Louisiana. Whenever the DJ would come in the club the crowd would start chanting "hey Bay Bay, hey Bay Bay." After a while the crowd would do the chant whenever the club got ratchet regardless of who was on the wheels of steel.

"That became so catchy that I changed it from somebody's name to a slang 'A Bay Bay'," says Hurricane Chris. "Now it's a word, it means fa sho."

Does this put the nail in the coffin of the whole "Hip Hop is Dead" idea? Or are blogs going to be attracted to this? There is discussion of this over at Miss Info's blog, what do you guys think?

Stack Bundles - Peep Game (Feat. Bynoe)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fabolous Rap City Freestyle (6/12/07)

Fab going over "It's Me Bitches", much better than his last time in the booth. The new Fabolous album 'From Nothin' To Somethin' is in stores now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DJ Benzi presents The Cool Kids & Lil Wayne

This is song is being used to promote DJ Benzi's up-coming album on Amalgam Entertainment, it won't be on the album. Visit The Cool Kid's Myspace for some more tracks, also make sure you check out The Cool Kid's tour dates.

I could say a bunch of things about how Dwayne Carter just keeps on getting better and continues to expand his arsenal of guest spots, but I'm not going to because you already know.

DJ Benzi presents The Cool Kids & Lil Wayne - Gettin' It

Thanks to Benzi for giving me the thumbs up to post this. Also, make sure you get a copy of 'None Higher'.


Jim Jones Issues Statement Regard Stack Bundles

Posted on Jimmy's Myspace

Where do we begin? The Dipset/ByrdGang family is deeply saddened by our loss. Not only did we lose a member but we lost a brother and a friend. Rayquon Elliot a.k.a Stack Bundles was a joy to be around, charming, very intelligent, compassionate and concerned about the upliftment and enrichment of his community and the people in it. Unfortunately his goals and aspirations were cut short by the hands of dream stealers. We can not stress enough that a young star's light was put out before he had a chance to shine in front of the world. We would like this to be a lesson to the rap game...too many of our talented artist are losing the battle of life before their voices have a chance to be heard. Something must change...

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Young Buck - U Ain't Going No Where (Feat. Latoiya Williams)

Buck is the only G-Unit member I can listen to these days. This is one of the Dre tracks that Buck was graced with.


DJ Khaled On Rap City (6/11/07)

'We The Best' in stores today.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rihanna Says Jay-Z Screens Her Dates

Guys looking to date Rihanna have to go through a screening process..
He's very protective. Jay has my best interests in mind. If it's a good guy I know Jay won't shut him down. But if he's not, Jay will be like, 'No, no, no.'
Isn't that a tad strange? Well, it wouldn't be weird if Jay didn't have the 'hottest girl in the game wearing his chain'.

Source People


'Weezyaveli' - Another New Lil Wayne Mixtape

Disc 1

1. In The Face feat. Young Money
2. 1000 Degrees
3. Lalalala
4. All I Have
5. 3 N Morning
6. For The World feat. Curren$y
7. Love Me Or Hate Me
8. I Did It
9. 1,2 Yall
10. How You Want It
11. Prostitute Flange

Disc 2

1. Hey America
2. Boy Is Fresh
3. Gettin It
4. Pain
5. Married To Block
6. Smokin
7. I Need Someone
8. Living Or Dying
9. Biography Of Weezyaveli
10. Brown Paper Bag feat. Young Jeezy, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Fat Joe
11. Hot Sh*t feat. Juelz Santna
12. Shovelin Snow feat. Baby, Mack Maine & Curren$y
13. Boyz N Blue Watchin

Link at Mixtape USA


Byrd Gang Member Stack Bundles Murdered

Byrd Gang member Stack Bundles was shot and killed this morning (June 11) in New York. Bundles was last seen alive at Stereo Nightclub. I'll post more information as it becomes available.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Did You Know Jay-Z Doesn't Like Dipset?

Apparently, Kid Carpi went to spin Dipset at Jay-Z club 40/40 and the track was immediately pulled. Dipset isn’t allowed to spin at Jay-Z club. Source

From The Polo Fleece To The Jesus Piece has that Lil' Wayne Enrique Iglesias joint I mentioned the other day.

There is a rumor that 50 Cent added Young Jeezy and 3 more tracks to 'Curtis'. I hope that clears up all the international release date problems...

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

50 Is Willing To Fire Everyone In G-Unit, except...

In this month’s Vibe, 50 States:
“I’ll fire everybody,” “I don’t give a f—. They’re capable of all of their responsibilities, but when they start slacking, they gotta get the f— outta here.”

Young Buck gets a good performance review — “He is the clean-up man because he’s actually selling” — with one caveat: “Sometimes he says things without being totally conscious of what he’s saying, so he’s gonna make mistakes.” And Tony Yayo, well, he’s set for life. “Yayo can’t be dropped, period,” 50 explained. “He doesn’t even need to sell records. As long as I’m breathing, he’s gonna be good. And if I’m not breathing, then he’s gonna be real good.” That’s right, 50 confirmed: Yayo’s in the will.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Styles P. - Rap City Freestyle (6/6/07)

Orange bucket hat...

UGK & Outkast - International Player's Anthem (Extended Cut)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Enrique Iglesias + Lil Wayne = Guitar Solo

Make sure you grab/read the new issue of Scratch Magazine. Here is a little bit about Lil Wayne and a collaboration with Ebrique Iglesias. The Iglesias stuff alone is something else, but it also involves Wayne and that guitar playing of his.

You've been playing the guitar for a little time now. Any chance we might hear a Lil Wayne guitar solo some time soon?

I've already done it I'm featured on the new Enrique Iglesias single, "Push Up On It." I played the guitar on that song. I also played on my artist Currency the Hot Sptter;s first song, "Staring at the World." So I've already recored and laid the guitar down [on tracks]. I'm on tour right now and I've played the guitar at every show, so I'm good. So the question isn't, "Am I gonna start puttin' the guitar in music?" I've already done it. Enrique Iglesias, homie. Holla at ya boy!

Ebrique Iglesias doesn't seem like your typical running mate. How'd you link up with him?

'Cause I'm cold, my nigga! That's how we hooked up. When you cold, everybody gon' hook up with you. When your good at what you do, it dont matter if it;s Whitney Houston, it don't matter if it's Yung Joc, it don't matter if it's Lil Bow Wow to Enrique Iglesias. It's gon' happen if your good. If you good they gon' call you. Nah, but real talk, shout out my man Steve Morals---that's one of the producers who worked on my album and he did the beat for that song and he recommended for me to be on there.


R. Kelly - Double Up (Review)

Robert Kelly
Double Up
Buy 'Double Up' from itunes

When you are dealing with a dude that makes you sign a confidentiality agreement to attend his record release party, you are dealing with a serious dude. R.Kelly travels in his own orbit and exists in a world somewhere around Phil Spector, Kool Keith, and Howard Hughes. Try and keep up. Mike Jackon is too obvious a comparison. The main difference between Kells, or Kellz or whatever he is today, is that he has clearly lived with and loved women. That separates him from most of the other R&B chart toppers who sing about woman, but don't sound like they know women. Most of the competition sound like they are haven't every really been with a woman. They sound like they are singing about cars they haven't driven or guns they haven't shot. Well Kells has driven all the cars and his experience is his authenticity. The ups, the downs, Kells feels it and puts it out there. To me the standout moment is "Real Talk". This is song that all real men can relate to. Who hasn't been there? And as far as the rushed delivery, is there a chorus? Who cares? "What they eat don't make us shit". Real talk.

Want R.Kelly as a midwife? Well you can come close on "Havin a Baby". Kells is constantly contradictory and conflicted like 2 other great lovers of women 2 Pac and ODB. Think about it. Ever wonder what his phone message sounds like? Check "Leave Your Name". You wish you did it like this I don't think that any of the guest stars really push it to the next level and I can definitely ride out the rest of '07 without this whole hip hop discovers the rock star life trend. Kells drops one of a kind jams whether they are stories or novelty tracks and after all this time you know what you are in for and you either already bought it or can't stand it. At the end of the day, the songs are almost irrelevant. It is the trials and tribulations of R.Kelly are truly compelling and that's what keeps us coming back. For instance the most amazing and creepy thing in here is the "To my kids" thank yous on the tray card. WTF? Daddy is proud of you for "not crying when and being a big boy when they trapped you in the closet"??? Is that a coded message or parenting via thanks list???

"Haters start your engines"

Buy or listen to 'Double Up' at itunes

Thanks to HOG from What We Do Is Secret for the review.

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Christian Flores – Three Finger Ring

Christian Flores is back with another mix called 'Three Finger Ring'. Christian's mixes have been spotted at quite a few places recently such as Chazology, Partytack and Pound for Pound. Christian wanted me to point people to SALVA out of San Francisco who supplied the Sean Paul mix featured on 'Three Finger Ring'

Christian Flores – 'Three Finger Ring' (Link)

8 Ball & MJG – Cruisin’ Instrumental
Teenager – Alone Again (Van She Tech Remix)
The Whip – Muzzle No 1 (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Pase Rock ft Amanda Blank – Sexy MF (E-Marce’s Fuckin’ in the Shower Overnoise Edit)
R Kelly vs Diplo vs Mike Jones – Flirt Rhythm Like I Got (Christian Flores Blend)
Notorious BIG - Kick in the Door Acapella
Cool Kids – One Two
Clipse – Mr Me Too (Curtis Vodka Remix)
Stars – Sleep Tonight Instrumental Edit (Junior Boys Remix)
Baby Boy Da Prince ft Mannie Fresh vs Mike Jones vs Stars (Junior Boys) – My 6-4 Sleeps Naw Meen (Christian’s Short Edit)
Sean Paul – Infiltrate (SALVA Reboot)
Debonair Samir ft Tru Bill – Bodymore Murderland
T.I. – Big Shit Poppin’


Jamaica Week on

Some browsers can't view the video-here is a link to part 1. is back. Remember the Getting Screwed in Houston series? This time VBS is in Kingston with the real story of Jamaica's own Dancehall sound and scene. Thanks to Rory for all the help getting the code figured out.

Here is a link to part 2 and part 3, the rest of the episodes run this this week.

Here is an exclusive Dancehall mix made called 'Vice Kills Jamaica'

Track Listing:
Mavado, "Even If Dem Kill Me"
Einstein, "Rise Di Machines"
Mavado, "Amazing Grace"
Asassin and Mr Easy, "Big Man Ting"
Timberlee and Ward 21, "Bubble Like Soup"
Chico, "Let's Get It On"
Vybz Kartel, "Beat'n Beat'n"
Mr Vegas, "Nuh Fight Over Man"
Elephant Man, "Bring It Come"
Leftside and Esco, "The Tribute"
Sizzla, "Pum Pum Hard"
Sizzla, "Nuh Apology"
Sizzla, "Fix Dem Business"
Sizzla, "Ain't Gonna See Us Fall"
Pressure, "Love and Affection"
Spice, "Tight Pussy Gyal"
Mega Banton, "Grindin"
Leftside and Esco, "Tuck In Yuh Belly"
Voicemail, "Informer"
Mr Vegas, "Nuh Frien From Dem"
Mavado, "Shotta Nuh Miss"
Mavado, "Dying"
Mavado, "Me And My Dogs"
Jr Gong, "Something For You"
Akon," Don't Matter"
Busy Signal, "Shoot Nuh Miss"
Vybz Kartel, "Cyan Cook"
Bounty Killer, "Try Fi Stop Killa"

Additional interviews with Sizzla and Sean-Paul, and don't forget about the Dancehall Queens.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lil’ Wayne & The Empire - The Carter 3 Sessions

1. The Carter 3 (Intro)
2. Did It Before (Produced By Kanye West) (Carter 3)
3. How You Like Me Now (Carter 3)
4. Something You Forgot (Carter 3)
5. Scarface (Carter 3)
6. World Of Fantasy Ft.Question (Carter 3)
7. I Know The Future Ft.Mack Maine (Produced By Timbaland) (Carter 3)
8. What He Does (Carter 3)
9. Help (Carter 3)
10. Time For Us To Fuck (Carter 3)
11. Zoo Ft.Mack Maine (Produced By Rockwilder) (Carter 3)
12. Im A Beast (Carter 3)
13. Pussy MVP (Carter 3)
14. Lets Talk Ft.Dj Khaled (We The Best)
15. Diamonds And Girls Ft.Currency (Carter 3)
16. Feel Like Dyin (Carter 3)
17. La La La (Carter 3)
18. Colours
19. Get It Shawty
20. Prostitue Flange
21. Brown Paper Bag Ft.Dj Khaled (We The Best)
22. Is It Coming Out? (Outro)

Buy it at Mixtrap


Saturday, June 02, 2007

50 Cent - Rap City (6/1/07)

As OnSmash puts it "Starts off with the wackest In The Booth in history..."


Friday, June 01, 2007

Real Life "Stan" Steals Kim Mathers' Cell Phone

Kyle Spratt, from Windsor, Ontario jacked Kim Mathers' phone from a Windsor bingo hall, where he worked, while she was outside smoking. Spratt then called Eminem on her phone asking him to listen to his demo track. Spratt didn't appreciate Eminem using a fake voice in an effort to avoid Spratt and took action by recording a song about it. Eminem must have phoned the police on Spratt because shortly after posting the song "Slim Sellout" on his myspace the Detroit Police were involved. The song contains samples from conversations Spratt had with the Police and Eminem.

There are a few things to learn here:

1) Kim Mathers now hangs out at Bingo Halls
2) Opening for Obie Trice doesn't mean that Eminem will listen to your music (see myspace photos)
3) Stan's are very real.

There is also a whole mess of a story here in which Spratt texted back and forth with Kim telling her that he was going to post pictures all over of her family.

The song was removed from Spratt's page, but you can hear "Slim Sellout" right here.

Can you imagine how excited Spratt must have been when he realized Kim was at his bingo hall.


Lo-Lifes (Kanye West Diss)

Thanks to HOG for sending this in.

While on Kayne, Discobelle has the new Kid Sister/Kayne track.