Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Before My Ice Was In My Grill

I don't know much about this cat Jae Millz. In the above picture he does seem to really be showing it to someone, it might be the recently retired Jin. I do know this track was produced by Cool and Dre. Good lookin out by Cool and Dre as of late. Those dudes have been killing it this year. Hate It or Love It. I do know this track hits hard, hits hard like Lean Back first hit. Bump this shit, it don't matter if you tricked out VW has a bumper that is fallin off, your still gonna look like a baller drivin through the projects playin dis.

Jae Millz-I Like That/Stop

I usually want to shy away from posting radio rips. I got this one off Sirrus. Its really smart, and interesting to me because I am not sure what Kayne is really doing, this track is getting quite a of buzz. Anyway Kayne and Nas, its not on the new Kayne record. I really like the way the drums sound on this track, I really could hear Jigga over this. I am tryin to up a lot because I feel like I am lettin people down until I can provide the Diary for Summer.

We Major-Kayne West Ft. Nas {Radio Rip}