Wednesday, September 27, 2006

30 Pills for TO

Above: Attractiveness Scale

So much going on this morning.

TO tries to kill himself.

Terrell Owens told police he attempted suicide last night. According to the Dallas Police Department incident report, Owens told police he took more than 30 pills in a suicide attempt. Sources tell CBS 11 News Owens was taken to Baylor Hospital by Dallas Fire Rescue and that emergency room doctors attempted to induce vomiting.

Howard K. Stern has been gettin down with Anna Nicole Smith, dude is the baby daddy. Or so he says, this guy is crazy. Anyone watch that show? I wouldn't be surprised if he is going crazins on us and he isn't the dad.

and Scretch from Saved By The Bell has a sex we like to say in Minnesota "Uff-da"