Friday, October 27, 2006

Free Zeeke

November 1st Zeeke gets out. I have emailed the prison that has been holding Freaky Zeeky for the last 36 months asking for more details, but have yet to receive a response. If you have wondered who Freaky Zeeky is or what Cam has meant when has mentioned an "Ecstacy ring" consider this an education.

The Diplomat member, whose real name is Ezekiel R. Jiles (no relation to Cam), has been locked up since 2004 on charges of drug trafficking in North Carolina. The 36 month sentence is just about up, on November 1st Zeeky will be a free man. I am sure as soon as Zeeke gets out the crew will be immediately productive. He already has an album planned called 'The Book Of Ezekiel'

I am going to attempt at a countdown until the 1st, I will be posting a different Zeeke song every day (until his release). Here is a track he did with Camrom off a throwaway/throwback mix tape done by the Diplomats a while back. It is a freestyle over an Eminem track.

Camron feat Freaky Zeeky - I Can't Stand It (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Recently Zeeke was interviewed by Write On Point Magazine, here are some key parts:

WOP: Whilst you’ve been away are you still being consulted regularly when it comes to the decision making and everyday running of Diplomat Records?

F: I am still the president of Diplomat Records, know what I’m saying? My say so is still major, but due to the fact of my incarceration I can just guide people because I’m not in the forefront. I’m not in the office everyday, I’m behind bars everyday. But I can still give my input when they need help and encouragement. If a problem presents its self that I have dealt with in the past, then they will call and I will consult them.

WOP: What’s the first thing you plan on doing upon your release in November?

F: Err… have sex (laughs)

Read the whole interview here

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