Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jay-Z - Big Pimpin (Feat. UGK)

I haven't always hated Jigga. Speaking of that I was sent this Jim Jones/Jay-Z photoshop by Rick.

Thanksgiving has made for some slowish news and things. It is so slow that I actually thought about reporting on Lil Boosie speaking out against Nas.

Eskay over at Nahright posted up quite a few tracks including some new Papoose

For those curious about the status of the "The Hobbit" the following, taken from IMDB confirms Peter Jackson's will direct:
As Lord of the Rings fans mounted a protest following word that New Line had dropped Peter Jackson from consideration as director of The Hobbit and another Lord of the Rings prequel, producer Saul Zaentz has given assurances that Jackson will indeed direct the two films. A German website,, posted an interview with Zaentz, who acquired the rights to the works of the late Rings writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, in 1976 (the Saul Zaentz Company owns Tolkien Enterprises), in which Zaentz says, "It will definitely be shot by Peter Jackson. ... Next year The Hobbit rights will fall back to my company. I suppose that Peter will wait because he knows that he will make the best deal with us. And he is fed up with the studios: to get his profit share on the Rings trilogy he had to sue New Line. With us, in contrast, he knows that he will be paid fairly and artistically supported without reservation." (The preceding quotation is a translation that appeared on from the German interview posted on