Thursday, January 18, 2007

Juelz Santana & Just Blaze - The Second Coming

This video makes me feel stupid, because for a few minutes last week I started to think that Juelz fell off. It was also the first time I ever saw Steve Nash and thought to myself, that dude is badass.


Donald Trump blames Tom Brady for the Apprentice's low ratings

If you are into this kind of thing, buddyHEAD has some soundboard quality songs of Noel Gallagher and Gem from a show they did a few weeks ago.

Different Kitchen has a link to the Drama/Cannon petition. I wonder if all the other big DJ's are going to slow down what they are doing, it will be interesting to see what happens here.

In case you haven't been paying attention Idolator has a complete run down on the timberland beat stealing scandal

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