Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Joe Buddens Conspiracy Theory and some G-Unit News

One of the best things I have read on the internet in a long while is a post from pertaining to a conspiracy theory pertaining to Joey Buddens aka the number one draft pick.

Rumor has it that Gillie Da Kid is going to be signing with G-Unit. Another silly rumor was that 50 Cent was going to release his album in a couple of weeks with no promotion, just to show up Jay. Both of those things are not going to happen. Does 50 seriously think he will outsell Jay?

Young Buck might or might not have recorded a diss track towards 50 called "Buck The Snitch". I also read that the video for "Get Buck" might have entirely been shot in front of a green screen. This Young Buck stuff could get really interesting.

Do you know Bishop Lamont even is? Well, he is is offering up a mixtape produced by a bunch of people you have heard of for free.