Friday, May 25, 2007

Beanie Sigel Taking Shots

First Kanye Midwest and Pharrell, and now this. Beans is taking shots at Capo, or as Miss Info points out, it could be Wayne or Game. Who knows with Beans, it could be anyone.

NahRight has the audio.

Who do you think Beans is dissing?

It seems even Beans is confused, didn't he leave Roc-a-Fella because Oschino was the only person to visit him in prison? Beans then took State Prop over to the Dame Dash group with Oschino and Omillio Sparks and then somewhere changed his mind and decided to not work with Dame after all. Then finally in this interview with DJ Absolute, he has confirmed that he is still a member of the Roc.

Now that Beans is down with the Roc again he will release 'The Solution' this fall. Somewhere in all of this I remember rumors that Beans was going to go to G-Unit, but that was around the time when they were signing everyone.

It's too bad that Beans show with a live band that was supposed to happen at the Knitting Factory was canceled due to a sudden need for mouth surgery. I can't even imagine what that would have been like.

I didn't even realize that it was a year ago today that Beans was shot upper right arm during a robbery attempt.

Now all we need to add to all this is for someone to find a picture of Beans in some Louis Vuitton driving shoes.