Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

According to Hurricane Chris, "A Bay Bay" has its genesis in the namesake of the Ratchet movement's cornerstone DJ, Hollyhood Bay Bay, who DJ's at a club called KoKo Pellisin Shreveport, Louisiana. Whenever the DJ would come in the club the crowd would start chanting "hey Bay Bay, hey Bay Bay." After a while the crowd would do the chant whenever the club got ratchet regardless of who was on the wheels of steel.

"That became so catchy that I changed it from somebody's name to a slang 'A Bay Bay'," says Hurricane Chris. "Now it's a word, it means fa sho."

Does this put the nail in the coffin of the whole "Hip Hop is Dead" idea? Or are blogs going to be attracted to this? There is discussion of this over at Miss Info's blog, what do you guys think?