Monday, October 24, 2005

First Zeke Got Shot...

We know the who did it. Isn't that what Cam says, all I know is that there are three people in DC right now that don't know what they stepped into. I have not heard what the law has done yet and if they found these guys.

HOG told me that he even respects Cam a bit because he rolls with no security. I mean for real.

I was nervous how Killa would react to all this right off the bat. I knew the man would be ok, but would he hang it up? All faith in Killa was resorted when I watched this video of him talking from his hospital bed. I mean the man is chewing on a fucking laffy taffy.

Video of cam talking about shooting

Things are going to be ok, thoughs and prayers with Cam.

In light of Sunday's events I wasn't going to post a song, but I decided that isn't what Cam would want. He would say "post a song."

Jay Bezel feat Juelz Santana - Wanna Do