Thursday, May 04, 2006

Killa Season

I hope this track makes the record. Its fucking hot. Seriously. This is from a Big Mike tape. My boy over in the cheese state hooked me up with this (shouts to Beatmaica).

Cam'ron Feat Hell Rell - He Came up on me (I blew his brains out)

I know I wasn't the only one that thought this was one of the many hott parts of Killa Season. Cam in those nike shocks on a bike shootin people. Nuff said. PIFF

Also above mentioned person said people are chirpin at him that since Cam has no buzz right now (I beg to differ) that the record is going to just come out as an OST. Do I care? Nope. I'm gonna buy that shit in lots of formats (the purple vinyl on purple haze is classic PIFF). I mean if its an OST or a straight album its all good. As long as it comes out.

Lost last night. This was a very good look