Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2 Pac has me thinkin'

I saw this video today. After I watched it I had to remind myself that it isn't April 1st yet. Anyway after I watched it I did some Pac research. Here are reasons why Pac is could still be alive.
The best part of this page is this

"(An autopsy picture "leaked" onto the Internet, click here to take a look. However, this could easily be a fake picture.) "

So they get some real evidence. An autopsy picture, and it is said to be fake. Looks pretty real and gross to me.

Anyway watch the video.

Another hot remix. Notice a trend?

Three 6 Mafia featuring Project Pat, DMX, Lil Flip - Popping My Collar Remix


Bentley Farnsworth - Laidback

Andy Milonakis says Juelz will be on his show this season. Something about a bear trap and the whistle song. Can't wait for that.