Monday, March 27, 2006

Nothing to see here.

Summer Jams, its all about the remixes. I love how these are just stuffed with people.

T-Pain - I'm In Love With A Stripper Remix (with R. Kelly, Twista, Paul Wall, Pimp C, MJG and Too Short)

Kells is amazing on this shit.

"If I could I would put my whole damn head in it"-Kells

Don't hate, you get a Sunday post and a Monday post (for the person remaing anonymous who thought there wasn't going to be a post).

How about 9 minutes of Touch it? Can you handle it I usually can make it till Mary J, then I go back to DMX? And then remember that Papoose is really tricked out on it.

Busta and lots of people - Touch It

If you didn't grab it yet.

Wiley - Gangsterz

and then...

Stat Quo and Kayne West - Oh Drama

I have said it many times that days will come when I don't post. It just doesn't happen that often...I will warn you ahead of time. There will be nothing on Friday. Off to Chicago.