Tuesday, February 14, 2006

People Wanna Know.

Today is going to be a weak post. Remember that when I drop some serious heat.

It looks like "writters block 3" will be out before diplomats vol 6. Kinda sucks, but at least we get something.

Was anyone else surprised that Hell Rell's record comes out in like 2 weeks?

Go to JR's web site and check out the track dissin 50 and ma$e. By the looks of it, it's gonna be on WB3.

I have been all over this snowman mix tape. I know its been posted all over the place. V reminded me yesterday about it and since then I haven't stopped listening to it.

DJ Drama and Young Jeezy - Can't Beat The Snowman

Boss and I were engaged in some very interesting Eminem conversation a few weeks back. Trying to figure out what his plan is now. The first thing on his plate is obviously going to be this obie trice record "second round on me" Here is a track off that record produced by E.

Obie Trice - They Wanna Kill Me

Side note about Obie, other than the bullet still being in his head. Word on the street is that at the Grammy's last week Tommy Lee was talkin shit about Detroit, Obie Trice and Kid Rock (what were they doing at the Grammy's right) both didn't like this and gave Tommy a Detroit style beat down...good look

Dice I was going to mention the meeting with the Big Ticket. But I was waiting for you to talk about it first. Anyway, its true. I gave Kevin Garnett quite a bit of a good game yesterday in the style of a massive hand pound. Kevin is the man. Too bad the Wolves suck. The fucking Raptors!