Monday, January 30, 2006

The Doctor's Advocate

Sorry for the lack of action this weekend (I will make up for it with 2 hot tracks here). Whoever threw up that massive thought on Cam and Jay below (see comments to previous post) is on some real shit. That is straight focused.

I was flippin through the new XXL (you know the one with Killa on the cover), they list the most anticipated albums of the year. Cam is number 3 and this is what they had to say about that.

Cam'RonAlbum Ttile: Killa Season
Label: Asylum
Beats: Ebonikz, Pro V, Black Key, Stay Gettin, Blackout, Versatile Productions, Wattz
Features: Juelz Santana, J.R. Writter, Hell Rell, Jaheim, Webbie
First Single: Do Your Thing
Sales Pitch: "I got the passion back back because Hell Rell and J.R. are starting to get buzz they're getting. It's like process that Jim, Juelz and I went through starting over, getting on mixtapes. I'm hyped again."

Thats good news.

Number one you would never guess. Above Nas, Outkast (Cam was above Outkast). Was Chuck Taylor aka The Game. There was this real gully lookin picture of him that went along with it. It was enough to get me real pumped here.

This is what XXL said bout this record.

The Game
Album Ttile: The Doctor's Advocate
Label: Black Wall Street/Aftermath/Interscope
Beats: Dr.Dre, Hi-Tk, Kayne West, Just Blaze, Nu Jerzey Devil
Features: Nas, Damiain Marley, Snoop Dogg, Mary J.Blige, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey
First Single: TBD
Sales Pitch: "I'm still there with Dre making the greatest album of all the time. My first album was a classic. This one is about upping the ante and making something better than a classic - on my own."

FUCK YEA. This record is gonna be hot. Damiain Marley on that. Cot Damn.

Here is a track that is floatin around right now. Its produced by Dre, so the kids will flip and be instantly hooked right in.

The Game - Wake The Dead

The entire XXL list incase you were wonderin'

10.The Roots Album Title: Game Theory
9.Ludacris Album Ttile: Release Therapy
8.Busta Rhymes Album Ttile: The Big Bang
7.Ghostface Album Ttile: Fishscale
6.T.I. Album Ttile: The King
5.Outkast Album Ttile: Idlewild
4.Mobb Deep Album Ttile: Blood Money
3.Cam'Ron Album Ttile: Killa Season
2.Nas Album Ttile: TBD
1.The GameAlbum Ttile: The Doctor's Advocate

I don't know if I ever threw it up. Preview to Killa Season.

Also new T.I. song came via recommendation from Boss.

T.I. - What You Know