Friday, January 20, 2006

Tru-Life versus....40 Cal?

Photo by Big V. Good look!

There is not too much real news happenin right now (I do have some new music to throw up). I imagine Cam is dealing with jail stuff. But I do have some Jay-Z rumors. I don't want to spread rumors, but since it is considered news. I feel it is worth throwing up.

Some rumors put Jigga in the studio right now getting a track together. Others say that Tru-Life will be unleashed for this. Tru-Life is signed by Jay and really hasn't done much except for not show up when he was supposed to play with Ghostface here. From what I have heard by Tru-Life 40 Cal could take him on. Tru-Life does infact have beef with Juelz and it would make sence that Jigga would use this to spotlight Tru-Life. Tru-Life is associated with jackin shit from Mobb Deep while they were in the studio a while back. It is unclear whether it was him or his clique that were involved in this. Either way Tru-Life is ready to take aim.

The "I Declare War" Concert has become a very intersting issue as of late. Kay Slay said that Jay was looking for "things" from Cam's past and couldn't really come up with anything and thus it turned into the "I Declare Peace with Nas" concert. So we will see what comes around this time. I am starting to think that Jay might not even really get involved in this. I mean he is "retired" and he is the president of Def Jam. Hopefully Jay learned a little something from his beef with Nas. Jigga used everyone for the Nas beef, Sigel, Young Gunz, Freeway and Oschino and Sparks. And Nas took him down with "Ether" alone. So we shall see, I think Jay might fear what the Dips can do and that Cam most likely hasn't even released his best track.

On to something else pertaining to Cam vs Alf.

I was reading through the lyrics to "You Got To Love It Beyonce aka Down With The King" and I was struck by the Charlie Baltimore line. I know that Charlie Baltimore is no stranger to getting thrown into diss tracks. See Eminem vs Ja Rule.

But why now, and what is her story with Jay? I did a little resarch. I found out that her real name is..Tiffany Lane. Does this ring a bell? It did right away with me.

Let me refesh: From The Black Album
But the allure of the game, keeps callin your name
To all the Lauras of the world, I feel your pain
To all the Christies in every cities and Tiffany Lanes
We all hustlers, in love with the same thang--Allure

I just thought this was interesting, and I wanted to pass it along.

Cam with Fat Joe, T.I. Bub B - No Problems Remix

I will keep throwing these old tracks up top.

Cam interview with Kay on Hot 97 Drama Hour 1/19**NEW**(last segment only 10 minutes long)
Cam - You Gotta Love It Beyonce (new intro)
Cam - You Got To Love It Beyonce (Old Intro)
Cam interview with Kay 1/18
Cam - Swagger Jackin'
Cam - Oh What a Night

Its like when Macho Man Randy Savage would come out and talk shit about Hulk Hogan, everyone waited for Hogan to come out. Looking at the curtains, waiting to hear the music, waiting..waiting for round two.