Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy MLK Day.

This is what happened when I played these three song, neighbors came out and started dancing.

I don't know much about this song. It can't be too old because it would be all over radio. Maybe it is actually, I have not been listening to the radio too much (Carter 2 must first exit my CD player). He looks like he is 16, I can justify listening to that Chris Young song because Juelz is on it. This one I won't really be able to explain. Speaking on Chris Young, its obvious that Young isn't his last name. Was he confused when it came to the question, either you are a young or a lil. Maybe he could have been Chris Little.

Young Leek - Shake it N' Jiggle It

I need to remember to keep up on this new Lil' Flip record. I know its going to be the shit. Amazon lists the release date as Jan 1st 2010. I don't know if this is some kind of joke. But some of us actually want to know. I have a sampler with like 10 tracks on it. That record is going to be so fuckin' hot. This track is produced by Scott Storch...its for the ladies.

Lil Flip - Tell Me

and then.

Obie and Game. Explain this to me. Are these two down? Best out?
Shady and Black Wall Street.

Obie Trice and Game - Up In The Hood