Thursday, December 22, 2005

She Wants Her Reggaeton

UPDATED (1:28pm Minneapolis hour)SEE BLOW:

Ever since I spent a weekend in Puerto Rico I have really felt close to this genre. It might have something to do with the fact while I was sippin Moet Mimosas at a club or gettin on some Cris on top of a hotel on white leather Reggaeton was always playing. In Vegas all you hear is coins droping, but Puerto Rico I swear all you hear is Daddy Yankee and Pitbull. Ok well this isn't really true, I kinda remember them playing Lloyd Banks in the before mentioned club.

In case you are not familair with Reggaeton you should be. I know I am months and months late with this but if Pharell can fuck with it now, why can't I? I mean I am not really that late, Pitbull might be one of my favorites in the game right now. Over a year ago my friend (from Puerto Rico) started to tell me about Reggaeton. He simply explained Reggaeton as "an ass in your face" its kinda true. I really liked that explanation. To top it off Culo simply means nice ass.

This track comes from Pharells often delayed "solo" album called "In My Mind". I didn't know what to think when I heard he was doing a track with Daddy Yankee called "mamacita." I'm really unfair to Pharell, I mean my first reaction was "who the fuck does he think he is." I'll tell you what, this track is really good. As is just about everything Skateboard P has done over the past couple of months.

Skateboard P feat Daddy Yankee - Mamacita

One more thing to throw up today while Top 5 is on hiatus. A new JR track. The story with this track is really funny. I guess this was recorded a few weeks ago and the guy who produced this lost Duke Da God's phone number and is looking for him. Crazy huh? Its a "demo" because he is looking to get a hold of them for final mixes. These guys are from Canada which is also really cool. Canada to Harlem.

Littles feat JR Writer - Im Reloaded

UPDATE: Holy shit dipset kid. This might be the coolest kid I have ever seen. Oh wait you want more? How about he "picks it up" This one is kinda funny too because it takes a very serious level, maybe cause it isn't a game.