Thursday, December 08, 2005

College Park

Yes there is a college park in ATL.

Atlanta has been on my mind today, thanks to Boston getting rid of their stolen shortshop Renteria. I have never wished for a player to do so bad, and he didn't come up short. Maybe I have talents, maybe I'm like Walt on Lost.

Renteria is on the Braves. Thank you Braves, I no longer have to check Boston box scores to see how Renteria is doing.

and now..

Mr. Coli Park. Also from Atlanta. He is doing something and soon if not already everyone will know who he is. Ya heard of Ying Yang? You have heard of Coli Park. He has been workin with DJ Smurf for quite a while. Bang, Coli Park. He brings it on these two tracks and It will give you a good idea what he is about. Maybe I should just put "Wait" up then you will know.

Forget about it.

Youngbloodz Feat T. Boz-It Is Good

This next one I know very little about, I do know that I love songs called "Flatline."

Home Bwoi-Flatline

Head over to kevin kash dot com. We will be giving you the entire line up real soon for the show January 7th. We just need to have all the details covered before its announced. Have fun.