Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Album Out Today

Juelz out today, but it isn't too soon to look to the horizon.
I coped my copy yesterday, as great as the deluxe cd sounds the vinyl is nice. On a side note, does anyone know what all is on the DVD that comes with the disc? Big pictures of Juelz (no homo), they report JR this January and "Happy Mother Fuckin Valentines Day" Killa Season Feb 14th. Lets see if this actually happens. 50's record was supposed to be called "Valentines Day Massacre" even his shit got delayed. Maybe his record should have been delayed even longer, or until he recorded "I'll Whip Your Head." That shit is off the soundtrack to his movie and its the best work out of G-Unit in a while.
Enough about 50.

Next up Killa.

Dipset Mixtape 6 coming soon. As reported on their site.

This is new killa hopefully this will be on Killa Season. It hits hard.

Cam'ron feat Nicole Wray-Love My Life

Short week this week. I will throw up a lot of shit tomorrow to keep you busy.