Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dipset Get It Right If You Heard Wrong

Ok, here is the deal.

Juelz. Mix tape part three, I just got it and I quickly made my way through it. I found some real big standouts. I am going to put them up. It isn't pure fire right off the bat, and thats good. Save that shit for the album. I mean, he brings it and he knows what he is doing the beats are hot and the songs are short. A.

I read in XXL a month ago that Juelz would do a free track with Eminem. He said he idolizes him. And I can tell, two tracks on this record. Thats mad love. He cops his flow pretty serious on Santana On Fire but its all good.

I know it might seem like I am not all amped on this tape, but I am. I am just excited to hear the record. Oh and the intro is real nice.

Fat Bitch
Take Notes
Santana On Fire

I'll put some more up tomorrow. Give you something real nice for the weekend.