Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Internet is goin nuts

So Juelz leaked.

Everyone is on it. To post a track today would be cliche. Since it is easily one of the most anticipated albums of mine of the year. Most of the entries pertain to dipset, so it would only make sense to post a Juelz song. I could go on a rant about Juelz and how he is the future and how What The Game Has Been Missing Blew my mind this morning when I heard it. Yep, I could do all that.

Will I?


No Juelz track today. Maybe tomorrow. I stay ahead of the curve, I posted that JR track and then Pitchfork reviewed it. Conclude what you may.

Enough of that.

I am on some serious shit here, Boss pointed out how awesome this track was. I must give him credit because I had just listened to it but not really realized how next level this cut is.

This track comes from an artist from NYC named Sacario. He is a rapper/songwriter/executive producer from NYC.

You might remember his track with Lil' Mo on Angie Martinez's single, "If I Could Go" and on "Live Big" single.

Remember those?
If not you might be surprised to know he is a....ghost writer.

He in fact wrote all the songs on her album and he also wrote songs for avril lavigne too.

Compair him to Jigga go ahead

Sacario-Bossman Rap

The cover is up top.