Monday, November 07, 2005

When E Is Gone

He can bring out a second post, or an encore post.

Still one of my favorites but I think its because he can still do something really amazing. Something like MM Ep, or even Eminem Show.

Raise the curtains and what do we have, the "Curtain Call" greatest hits album.

E says he wants to focus more on production more behind the scenes stuff. I say Great, reinvent yourself and return to what you do best. Not making fun of Mary-Kate and Ashley, they can't even touch you E.

Rip some more shit about Kim, seriously. Enough about how much you love Haley. I believe you. How about some diss tracks? And this song is enough, I am hoping that the other new song on "Curtain Call" is better than this one. I know he recorded it with Dre, so it will be alright maybe. But he also did "Rain Man" with Dre. I do think that E can still bring the pain, I'm sure on Detox he will show up, and on Obie Trice's second album "Second Round Is On Me" he will be there. So do it Marshall.

Eminem-When I'm Gone

I will miss Em when he is gone.