Monday, November 07, 2005

See How I Do This Stupid

JR. The Writer of Writers.

A year ago if someone would have asked who are your least favorite dipset members I might have responded "The Ethiopian Prince JR. Writer and Hell Rell"

Fast forward a year later and ask me minus the the big three who are your favorite I might respond "The Ethiopian Prince and Hell Rell"

How things change.

This track comes from the new Big Mike Mix tape, but Mike keeps quite. Quite enough for me to bang this track.

Jr. Writer and Hell Rell-Crime Does Pay

While you are at it if you have not heard the Olympics remix with Kevin Kash, Michael Jordan and Jr. Writer on Dr. Bossmans new mix tape "steeze 2 please" check it out. Follow the link to Kevin Kash's official web page.

This is a track by some artist named JR or some group named JR. Some classic shit here, very violent. "If your gonna start grillin' me I'm gonna go on a killing spree"


I think the "FU" actually stands for "Fight U". Not the usual "Fuck you"

Going to see screening for 50's movie tonite. I hear he dies at the end, after he cries. I will let you know how that works out.