Friday, October 28, 2005

Relax And Take Notes

Big Poppa. I heard rumors of this track months ago.

I knew Juelz would do his thing, and obviously Biggie did his thing. But F Dot. Can he be more on? Seriously. This track comes of Biggies Duets album.

Wayne brings it yet again. I am juiced about the Carter 2 hittin the streets in a few months.

Jimmy kinda screams some corny shit over the entire track. And then I think he almost cries when he introduces Biggie, first off One Eye Willie you are not Puff dat ain't cool. Of course the track is blazin otherwise it would not be up on here.

I'm With Whatever-Biggie feat Lil'Wayne, Juelz, Jimmy

Jigga played his war show last night..

early word is that he directed beef at 50..nothing at cam..oh and Nas was homo