Thursday, November 03, 2005

This Is How The Gangstas Do It

Lots to give up today..

I am dying to know if there will be a full issue of this Juelz track on W.T.G.B.M.

I was able to only find little info about this track. It has two titles. And thats about it.


The Pharell Williams aka Skateboard P wack meter continues to drop.
Pharell comes over his own song "I'm a G" or a song that he did for NORE. And does it pretty well.

Pharell-I'm A G (freestyle)

This is a new track off his record "In My Mind". The release date now appears to be December 12th. I hear that this might be the second single. Obviously off the R&B side.

Pharell-She's An Angel

This Game track needs to be posted because it offsets my 50 Cent post from the other day. 50 is pretty funny these days, mostly because he just hates Kayne and takes every chance he can to go at him. Enough of that. Game sounds really nice over this, I know its a little old but cot damn.

Game-Just a lil' bit (G-Unot mix)

I heard that Source Mag is finished. Looks like Em took that one..but wait Ja-Rule is coming back with Exodus...nuff said.