Friday, November 18, 2005

I Know Its Been A While

Sorry. Been sleepin. Actually been reelin over that new Juelz record.
Yao Ming?
The above cover is from a new Killah mix tape. Get on the cover, for real!

So next up is Killa Season. Figga Deal Me? Its gonna be large, its gonna have a movie that goes along with it.

Its Cam, it will be delayed. Maybe not as long because we won't have to deal with Jay-Z letting the record get all the wind knocked out of it after the Dips get frustrated and leak tracks to the streets. Here are two tracks, that might or might not be on Killa Season. Regardless they are fire.

Dipset Bitches.

Cam Featuring Juelz-Hey May part 3

Cam Featurning Jimmy Jones-Fly Boys

Aslo the internet is going nuts over this Hot97 interview where Puff Daddy and the Lox air out each other.

Its nice.

The Lox gotta respect Diddy because he is all about Jesus and the Benjamins, in no particular order. Let him do his damn thing, Lox were too young when they got on and got taken to school. Deal and make your money now, get off Diddy.

Sorry for the hang up. I was just waiting for something hot to post. Keep that in mind. I don't want to cluster this blog up with Joe Budden tracks. But that track the takeover might get a spot next week its burnin up. Also Kevin Kash is going to get real large real soon.