Monday, November 21, 2005

Allergic To Winter Time

Weezy Baby.

A year ago I just didn't understand Lil Wayne. I don't know what it took to have me go totally bananas over him. I think the seeds were planted when he was on Solider with DC3. I was really into that jawn. And I think it was then that I got on TI too. But I haven't felt anyone this strong and this fast since I got on the Dips. I remember my reaction when the Carter came out. I was like "jesus, I thought Lil Wayne was on Cash Money, whats up with this cover." I didn't realize that Cash Money was all grown up. A few weeks later Juvie came out with his greatest hits record. The cover also showed a grown up Juvie.

Fast forward.
Wayne is the mother fucking fire man, allergic to winter time. He is on everyting and doing it right. He is on the new Avant record and doing it well. Also makes the new Trina record (i hear he is even jook with her) But nothing, and I mean nothing is blowing up like the "Fireman." I thought Go DJ was a hot track. December 6th the Carter II drops. But Guess what? I got tracks, and that means you got tracks.

Lil Wayne-Tha Mobb
Lil Wayne-Money On My Mind
Lil Wayne-Hit Em Up

Tomorrow I will have some new Dipshit, and get over to Kevin Kash for a new mix and a new song. And get on me at myspace.