Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lil Boy Is Fresh

Yep, thats Juelz and his twin. I like how he is ovbiously taking advantage of some 2 for 1's somewhere. Juelz take care of him, but that 84 jersey is obviously next level.

I have been all over Mariah recently, not as much as Boss but all over her. I mean I am not driving all over the city looking for Glitter, although I did watch that movie a few years back. So it should come as no surprise that a Mariah/Juelz track was going to happen. Since we follow the movement. I don't have any information on this. It might be on the relfix album that she just put out, but I doubt it. There is no way that Harlem World would have been able to keep their mouths quite about this track. Its just nice. There is a real nice old school feel to it, its not the kind of track you usually hear Juelz over, but Bone Thugs are also there. Lay and Kray sound really good on this style beat, but Juelz comes real good.

Mariah Carey Feat Bone Thugs and Juelz Santana-Don't Forget About Us

Ya Dig? Oh and that picture really is Juelz's brother.