Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Move It Like A Pro Little Lady

I wonder if that is what Juelz was thinking when Miss Lohan decided to drop it like it is hot right in front of him. This is a very bizzaire moment.

Video Here (its .AVI I hope you all can watch it)

So I hear juelz only sold like 145 first week, not too good.

There is some interesting stuff going on. At survivor series (WWE's thanksgiving Pay Per View) Vince McMahon called John Chena his nygga, which has me shook. Specially cause John is white. I don't know what to think about this. But Kayne West obviously does. Kayne quickly responded with a "Its ok if white people use the word." Man Kayne really reminds me of the cool kid that has a nice car and a nice house that everyone likes to party with...but everyone hates.

Like I said, Shook. I am awaiting now wondering how Mr. Jackson will respond to this, since it seem that everytime that Kayne has something to say Curtis says the opposite.

Things are really slow right now, these times require me to do things like this. Post links to software and Joe Buddens.

Although don't get me wrong. I think this track is really nice. I could dedicate an entire post to Joe Buddens, I feel for this guy. I guess its kinda cool that he has a track called "Takeover" maybe because he is doing anything but that.

But this track is good and it makes me wonder why he doesn't have a record deal.

Joe Budden-Takeover

Not to get all different on ya'll but, in case you didn't know the new firefox came out today.
You can get that here.