Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yo L, What Up? I Hit, What else? Plus Dome

I realized that I didn't leave you guys with much and I'm sorry for that, especially since I was sleeping all last week stuffed on Turkey and Drinks. I thought I would post up one of the biggest posts in recent history. So here is some new shit, I was going to try to hold out on this till tomorrow, but like I said. I'm Shook!

Juelz recorded something like 300 songs for his record. And If the other 280 or so are this good and sitting on his hard drive keep them coming. Those songs are what the game is missing. Ya heard? JR Freestyle and oh wait, a new Cam video..whats really good? Ya Dig?

JR-I'm A G (freestyle)

Juelz featuring Paul Wall and Rico-Love On Da Grind

oh and the new "I Love My Life" video by Cam, oh yes its off Killa Season, and oh yes its unreal. We get to meet Mr. Giles's entire fam. Killa Fam. Killa Season is going to be really good, I can't wait.

I always try to do dipset all day everyday, but I can't when I drop two songs in one day and this video and always have dips to throw up, just remember that.

Tell me when the hell was Cam kickin it with Ron A. Thats the Shit. That blond with Cam looks like and exgirlfriend of mine. Good Look if its her!