Friday, December 02, 2005

This Is The Remix

This doesn't really count as a song, and I feel kinda rushed here. But I didn't want to leave for the weekend with nothing up. This is pretty new, its been around but I just saw it today.

Cam Feat Hell Rell-Get Em Daddy (Remix) Video

Wait till you see this shit. Do you know how cool Killa Season is going to be?

I just got a great email from a good friend of Mine. He had this to say about dips "I tried Cam he is like a cut rate Ghost. Even that might be giving him too much credit. Juelz is ok for a mixtape guy, Capo Status straight up sucks. I'll have to keep an ear peeled for hell rell"

Dips are just planting seeds, I thought this would be there year, it wasn't. But next year might just be.

I read today that Kells has recorded 22 chaperts now. I can't wait. I have been all over Akon the last couple days, his record isn't so great. His guest spots are.

Lots of Jump Off's this weekend birthday parties and the like. Not to mention the shit that is going to drop next week. Sorry to be so vague right now but its Friday afternoon and I have some shit to do before I get outta here.

Oh and that picture up there is the interior of Cam's range..