Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oak Street In A Range Rover

I really have not thrown up new dips in a while, so its about time.

I also want to spotlight a new producer. Breez.

I really think I am onto something here. I will say so myself. Breez. Have you heard of this producer? Breez. I am way into him. He was all over this track he did with T.I., Lil Flip and Lil Wayne that I coped a few months back. Check out his official page here. The bio is a great read.

I also think this song is good, again somehow Breez manages to get a ton of people on one track. Breez is so cool because he doesn't use an E at the end of his name. The only proplem here is there is too many people and the song fails to really have focus. I think Papoose is really good here, is a record going to ever be released by him? Could 2006 be the year of Papoose? I like him up with Cam too. Good look.

Its still very respectable.

Cam'ron Feat Papoose, Allstarr,Slim Thug & Tef - My Jealousy

I guess hot 97 played a new Cam/Kayne track off Killa season and people are going nutz over it. Anyone have the word?

In the next couple of days I am going to spotlight some people and their Top 5's of the year. I will be throwing up lots of music soon.