Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Broken Silence

Foxy Brown is deaf. Its too bad, because she will not have been able to hear this song.

Clipse come perfect on this. People are starting to go crazy about Clipse. Its odd what happened to them. I am trying to think of a comparison, it would be like if a musican only put out like 1 or 2 albums and then kinda vanished. I don't want to actually go ahead and compair Clipse to this band, well because that would be absurd. Or would it?

Clispe Feat Vybz Kartel- Double Down

I have posted up plenty of Vybz Kartel recently. After the talking to I received on Friday night about dancehall I wanted to keep em going.

Thats its for today. Oh I guess kinda decent news B.G and Mike Knoxx are signed to G-Unit. I really don't know what is going on here. Speaking of G-Unit, I listened to LA Wasteland this morning. Thats one of the new whoo kidd cds. Its actually decent. I like Ma$e on "Lighters Up" and on "Window Shopper". Young Buck has some hot tracks, reminding us why he is the best member in G-Unit. And we get to hear Eazy E's son.

Top 5 will resume very soon. Like tomorrow maybe..