Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's Like The Whole Byrd Gang's In Here

Thats how the gangsta's do it. Real Shottas.
I haven't really devoted an entire post to the byrd gang in a while.
Its been a minute and I am real sorry. I just wanted to wait till I had some real nice things to throw up before I started to clutter the area. Nah Mean?

This is the year. I really think so. Prediction in '06.
Killa Season is supposed to be only a month away (not gonna happen). This record will be a summer album. Its easy. We are just going to have to wait till the summer, thats ok. I think around that time the JR record, and the Hell Rell record will also drop. Next winter new Dips album. I keep hearing rumors of vol. 6 real soon. This is just what I think. I mean maybe Cam will get things right and without Jigga messin around with his release date the album will actually come out on Valentines day, but thats only a month away.

As long as the dips keep releasing tracks like this they can push back albums as long as they want.

Ladies Love Cool James and Juelz Santana- Its LL and Santana

Cam'ron and JR - He's a Rider

I would really like a dips/cash money merger. This would be huge, I'm talking AOL/Time Warner huge. He be on Cash Money, I bleed Cash Money. I just thought that would be a nice segway into this hot Lil Wayne, Birdman unreleased track.

Lil Wayne feat Baby - High

Last night I was up late workin on a photo shoot for these new Kevin Kash shirts that are going to be available for free on Saturday. I'm tired but I am not sleepin. I will keep you informed.