Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Kash


Another Charles too. Wait that doesn't make sense. Another Rider too, or another Writer. Number 34. That makes a little more sense.

Does anyone know about Ray Cash, I do know his record was supposed to be called C.O.D. I can't find any info on it anywhere. Maybe they feared a lawsuit from the fine people over at kevin kash dot com. It has always been said that Kash's first record was to be called Kash on Demand.

This is a Ray Cash and Jr. Writer track. I have spoke the praises of Jr many times on here. He keeps getting better. I am so curious for his record. I just have no idea if it is going to be filled with stuff like this and mezmorize. God I hope so. He comes like Cam on this. Real serious. So great it begs me to question if Cam is still writing his verses for him. Baby Cam or not it doesn't matter because Jr keeps doing it.

Ray Cash feat Jr. Writer - Cut The Shit

My top 5 tomorrow. I know you all been patiently waiting.