Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Boy, Oh My Boy

I wanted to pay a little attention to "Chase" Chad Hugo. I mean he is a mystery to me. Other than that one really bad record that he produced without Pharell. There was a time when I gave him most of the credit behind the group. I want to know what he is thinking when Skateboard is out head to toe in bape promoting the NBA. I know that Chad is married and that he didn't even play with the Neptunes when I saw them for Fly or Die. But what is really going on. And he threw me an even bigger curve when he went and did a remix to "Can I Have It like That." Now the remix is ok, you can judge for yourself. That is if you can get over the fact that for a while it just sounds like he is adjusting the sound control.

Skateboard P feat Gwen - Can I Have It Like That (Chase Chad Remix)

I really wanted to start the new year real focused and attack with a lil wayne post. Instead of that I am just going to throw up a ton of shit. I actually started working on a lil wayne post last night, it might be something that comes up later. I was called off in this middle of this as I was off to work on thangs for Saturday. I was fueld by all these lil wayne freestyles I found. But none were more amazing that this video. Wayne can freestyle. I have seen and heard lots of good freestyles, but I was floored when I saw this. My jaw dropped. I watched it again and again, and again this morning. There are two amazing points to this video.

1) Watch the host in the Cardinals outfit. When Wayne surprises him with this drop he doesn't know how to react, and the fact that it goes on for like 3 minutes makes it even better.

2) The magazine at the end. Wow.

Enough now. On with the video. Lil' Wayne on Rap City December '05

Boss told me to post this J-Young song yesterday. I didn't actually get around to it. I actually wanted my Top 5 to be on top for another day. This comes from the Worldwide Legacy Presents-Hell In Harlem Part II 2005 Mixtape. The song is hot. Really hot. I would tell you more about J-Young, but nothing would really contribute to you downloading it. Trust me. Just download it.

J-Young- Up In Harlem Down On Broadway

There has been lots of Lost talk going on over the past couple of weeks. I watched every episode a second time over xmas break and now podcasts are invoved from Mr. Clucks site. Boss and his lil lady are watching them now. My dvd's of season two are getting so much action, when they finish a disc the completed disc is picked up from our house. And lots has been said about season two but nothing better than what my friend Nichole floated in my email box this morning.

"I don't know what to think about all this. I mean, when Michael was saying good-bye to Walt in the second episode, his wife was wearing a Marc Jacobs shirt that first, I tried to buy, but could not find in my size for the life of me and, second (though perhaps because of relevant import, itshould have been listed first) was from the spring 2005 line. Are we tobelieve, then, that everything we see occurs in some sort of near-future?I'm just saying, don't use recognizable pseudo-couture."

One final note, put away your Free Gucci Mane shirts. Murder Charges Dropped!