Friday, January 13, 2006

Be Easy Ghost

These MP3's have been sitting on my computer for a minute now. I wasn't initially going to throw them up on here but the requests kept being directed at me. First it was HOG and then Forest. I sent them to HOG and when Forest asked for them I figured the streets must really want these.
People have already been reporting already about the Ghostface Doll, which does look amazing. The tracklisting for Fishscale has also been released, if you ask me I am thinkin it looks kinda backpackin', but who am I to judge. HOG posted some real good Ghostface stuff a few days back in the comments.

I am also going to put up some of the hottest Lil Wayne steeze you might ever see. You can't download it, you can only view it off this site. Holla at me if you find an Mpeg of it. So I can watch it over and over again.

Ghostface - Like That

Ghostface feat Trife da God - Milk Em'

MTVnews is reporting on some serious Cam news (as predicted here a few weeks ago):
Killa Season should have started next month, but Cam'ron has pushed back the release of his new album and movie until April, according to his rep. ... The same goes for Busta Rhymes. The rapper announced on New York radio station Hot 97 Wednesday morning (January 11) that his new album, The Big Bang, is now coming out in April as well.
Poor Busta, its too bad he has to drop his album around Killa Season.
and now for the Lil Wayne content:

(Thanks Boss for the links)