Thursday, January 12, 2006

Banks Is Cooler Than The Other Side of The Pillow

I have tinkered around with G-Unit posts from time to time. They usually don't go over too well. I guess G-Unit is so 2003. Most of the last year I have agreed with that. Last week I was all over the Get Rich or Die Tryin' soundtrack. Its really fucking good. Lloyd Banks kills on it. I remember how pumped I was about his record Hunger For More. It really only has like 3 hot songs on it, thats about when I think G-Unit fell off. But Buck came back and really but out a great record. Something has been off with G-Unit. I still think Banks has the most potential. Anyone have any idea what the fuck they do to his voice? I was really pissed that Banks wasn't there when I had lunch with 50 last year so I could have asked him. I would have loved to meet him (no homo), although kickin' it with Oliva was all good.

So rumors about a Paul Wall and Kool G singing to G-Unit are starting to come to head as result of this collab. Its hot, and I would have never thought the three of them would fit on a track. But they do. Its all good.

Lloyd Banks feat. Paul Wall and Kool G Rap- I Got It Made

Besides "Window Shopper" and "Hustlers Ambition" this is the hottest shit off the Get Rich soundtrack. I don't think the orignial three have sounded this hot in a long time together in a long time, maybe since "Stunt 101". Its weird that they hid this on the soundtrack. They are back here, back to what they do best, being hard.

Lloyd Banks feat 50 Cent and Young Buck - You Already Know

With albums promised by Banks and Buck this year I expect some decent G-Unit summer jams. Which is what I like to hear.

I read this lil wayne interview this morning. Its fucking brilliant. There are so many great parts to it, I can't even begin to get into it. So Focused!