Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I was starting to feel bad. I have shown no love to Jim Jones. Please don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy. I would say I post 1 Jimmy song for every 20 Juelz and Cam. So today is going to be a Jim overload. I have been a little worried about Jim and these new tracks don't make me any less worried. I mean he is the CEO right now over there at that record label, but when was the last time we was up on a track with the Dips? Nothing on WTGHBM and so far nothing on Killa Season. He wasn't at the famous filming of Killa Season either. What the fuck is going on? He isn't on these tracks either. The last time I saw Jim with the dips was when Cam got shot. So it is a good thing he was there, but still. I was listening to Crunk Muzik the other day. I was like wowah. This was it. This was the time. They were fucking hot right there. Jim, Juelz and Cam. I want those three to blaze it up again. I don't doubt that they will.

Until then we have these songs off the new Kay Slay mix tape.

Jim Jones - To High To Get Over

Jim Jones feat Stack Bundles and Max B - Cold Rockin'

Jim Jones feat Mel Matrix - New York City Boyz

I heard a Real Audio of Jim and Freezy doing Get Em Girls. I guess the song was given to Jimmy before Cam. Its really nice to hear. I will get an MP3 up as soon as I get one. Here is the link. Remember real audio?

I need some reasons to stop listening to the Carter 2, I can't stop.