Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is Lil Wayne People

This morning I was all pumped I had a new mix cd to listen to on the way to work. DJ Kochese My Life is Fabolous. This was going to mark the end of the Carter 2 in my stereo. It lasted for about 4 blocks. I was back listening to "money on my mind" before my heat was even warmed up. I was thinking about this dis track I heard yesterday. I was impressed that Lil Wayne has the stones to take on the big boys. He goes after 50 and Nas with hit after hit. Wayne knows how to have fun with it. If 50 came back at wayne what the fuck would he say? You have dreadlocks? Your short? He has nothing. Wayne is in a leauge of his own right now.

Lil Wayne - You Don't Know

I don't know where this next track comes from. Jigga and Jada. I like that. I am not talkin Pinket-Smith either. D-block and Jay. Like I said I have no idea what the story is here. It is obviously from some mixtape, Jay isn't too fire on it. He comes with his usual flow. Jay needs to drop something, what ever happened to the alleged "Can I Have It Like That" freestyle he did before his "I declare peace concert?"

Jadakiss and Jay-Z - When It Comes to the Game

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