Friday, January 20, 2006

Killa going to Jail.

Last part of interview listed below. Cam had to leave the interview for a little, he wansn't on the phone the entire time, but I do have the last ten minutes below.

It sucks not being able to listen to what went down on Hot97 in the first part of the interview. I have been hitting refesh on quite a few pages trying to get the story. Until I have a full file to post what I have here will have to do. Let me go over some things that have gone on with Kay Slay tonite on the Drama Hour.

The word is that Cam is going to Jail for parole violations or something for 30 days.

Cam had some great things to say you ain't gotta like him or dipset, but you gotta feel what he is doin and how hot his diss is. He said he don't care if you call him a pink rocking fag, just admit his diss is hot.

Cam isn't trying to gain a fan. He just wants people to listen to the facts.

Hopefully I will have a full file of the radio show soon. But till then file will do..

Earlier in the hour.
Cam said the song that has been called "You Got To Love It Beyonce" is actually called "Down With the King"
Cam will wait for round two till Jay steals some of his lines.
Cam shouts to Santana who just went gold and then goes on to say "forget everyone at DefJam except for La Reid"
Kay says he rides with Cam because Jay never did anything for his hood.
They introduce a song off Killa Season called "MEGATRON"

Nothing to throw up yet. I will take care of that tomorrow.
Day 1 goes to Cam. Nothing from Jay. Jay hasn't even said a word yet.

Camron 1
Jay-Z 0

Can interview with Kay on Hot 97 Drama Hour 1/19**NEW**(last segment only 10 minutes long)
Cam - You Gotta Love It Beyonce (new intro)
Cam - You Got To Love It Beyonce (Old Intro)
Cam interview with Kay 1/18
Cam - Swagger Jackin'
Cam - Oh What a Night

The Jail news is a very interesting twist. Lets see if Jay gets at him when he is prison.