Thursday, January 19, 2006

He's a Biter not a Writer

The links again (I want to keep those at the top, new info below). And I have more stuff. While some people are going to not report on this. Consider this site your source and we are 100% with the Dips.

Max B kills it on the Chorus to "You got To Love It Beyonce"

I love how people are running to defend Jay now. Jay shouldn't even get in the ring. Cam has 15 rounds lined up.

Interview from the 18th with Kay.

Cam - You Got To Love It Beyonce

Cam - Swagga Jackin'

Tune into Hot 97 tonite. Cam will be on and he is going to be saying names. Its time, Mase you better run, its too late. Nas will get thrown in. From where I am sitting this reminds of me of the good old WWF days.

Team Dipset is strong.
Jeezey, Wayne and Game..not to mention everyone in the Bird Gang.

From the March XXL issue:

The Article:XXL-what did you think about nas joining Jay on stage in October?

Cam-Them n1ggas just dont got anything to do,I dont really have to much tocomment on that whole thing.They both almost 40.Seriously can a 15-16 yearold relateto a Nas -Jay Z move?do they really give a fukk"so if a 15-16yeard old dont give a fukk neither do I.

XXLYou and Jay never had a good relationship,even when you were on hislabel.And when he got the presidency,you immediately bounced.What startedthis tension?

Cam-At the end of the day.....this is what happened.When I 1st got torocafella.I spoke to Jay and he really didnt give me that Vibe back.I askedhim a few times to do a joint and he kept brushing me off.The oh boy cameout and it was rocking.One day me and Juelz were leaving the studio and jaywas coming in and said"I did a little something for you"he did an"oh Boy"remix.The engineer young guru played the track for us and we was like thisis wack.That aint hot.We told Dame and Biggs and had like this bigmeeting,like who gonna tell him it aint hot?Im like you gotta be honestwith n1ggas.It aint hot So I took him off and then rumors corculated on whywe aint never do anything together.