Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Heart of New Orleans

New look over here, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow:

I never thought I would throw up a Avant track on here. But it doesn't really count because "The Best Rapper Alive" spits all over it. Now, I know it might be a little early for Wayne to be sayin' this. I don't agree with him and I do think its a little crazy to say. But fuck it, he said it and i'm talkin about it. I am even thinkin about it.

Avant Feat Lil Wayne and Jermaine Dupri - U Know What

Speaking of the best rapper alive, how about an alt version of Best rapper alive. I kinda like this one better.

Lil Wayne - Best Rapper Alive Part 2

I love how wayne goes off on pussy about 3 minutes in.

I'm not going to stop there, dipset is gonna take a back seat to those wayne posts. I was going to try to wait to throw this Dip shit up till Thursday, but I couldn't (so don't hate if I throw up a Joe Buddens track). I just finished watching the All Access Dipset DVD. It was all hype, the best part was the massive promo for Killa Season. I got so sick of Hell Rell talking about his record, when 40 Cal came on at the end I had just about enough. I was diggin Bezel though. Its great that it is ok for Cam to drive drunk.

They are seriously the best out, as much as Hell Rell bugs me he is still the shit. This song is good, Cam and Juelz are crazy on it, wait I feel like I have said that before.

Cam, Juelz and Jimmy - Drama

Oh and Juvie, pay your fucking child support.

Also, if anyone has the Lil Wayne cribs on any format you will get a very special Still Listen To Gangsta Music Prize. The only catch is you need to get a copy to me.