Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Writer of Writer's

First off I want to thank Big V for all the help. That fine PSP styled Still Listen To Gangsta Music logo up there is his doing. Always hard work great work from "Spleen Man" and all he wants in return is a XL Purple Prince shirt (any ideas Minneapolis).

I still can't get JR out of my head, so he gets the first real post on the new look SLTGM site. The DVD I watched last night contained such a hot freestyle. He ended with this piece about Jordan and Pippen, and saying something like "without me a piece of shit like Pippen without Jordan". I wanted to throw up some hot JR I searched and searched and I found the hot shit.

JR Writer - Get Em Girls Part 2

Rumors are a buzz on the internet that Juelz slapped someone at Def Jam. A person who saw it said "Juelz socked [guy] in the jaw for little to no reason. He did catch him with a good one.”

Good Look.

Lost tonite. I'm Shook.