Monday, January 23, 2006

Chancletas, King of New York?

Maybe Jay hasn't done anything beacuse he was too busy signing Nas to DefJam. People are going to love the fact that Nas' newest album is also expected to contain a collaboration between Jay-Z and Nas. For real, both these cats are so 10 years ago. This is like when I got so excited when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (Razon Ramon and Diesel) came into the WWF as the NWO. The whole time I knew they were way too old to do anything, but I was pumped anyway. Fool me once, never a second time.

I do have two new interviews from Bad Boy radio. Enjoy these.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Since I do have a responsibilty to tell a story that is not biased. I have to post this track. I'm not sure what the story is. It for sure isn't a track by Jay. I guess "Swagger Jacker" wasn't really by Cam. I had that track on my computer for over a year. Cam yappin over it makes it way better though. So now I guess Jay has the same kind of track to use for Cam.

I will be honest I was a little surprised that Cam was going so hard on this whole "biting" bit because I do know that he is guilty of the same. As this track will show.

Camron - I don't Write Shit

I didn't post scores Saturday or Sunday. Its starting to look like Jay isn't going to do anything.

The Nas signing is interesting because shows both of them being hypocritical. So I think thats enough reason to give Cam the weekend points. If Cam doesn't do anything today this "I don't Write Shit" track might be enough to give Jay his first point.

Camron 4
Jay-Z 0

Cam interview with Kay on Hot 97 Drama Hour 1/19**NEW**(last segment only 10 minutes long)
Cam - You Gotta Love It Beyonce (new intro)
Cam - You Got To Love It Beyonce (Old Intro)
Cam interview with Kay 1/18 Cam - Swagger Jackin'
Cam - Oh What a Night
Cam with Fat Joe, T.I. Bub B - No Problems Remix