Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's Killa Season Here It Comes

I know its still early, I just wanted to get these new dips tracks on here. I have NO news regarding Camron and Jigga. I do have some new tracks.

Before I get to these tracks I do want to say that it was nice that what the city of LA did for the Wallace family today. A little too late, but at least its something.

Dips are rushin out into the streets now. Holy shit when did Agallah sound so fuckin mean and the beat posts up as an anthem. Seriously Jay, do you really want people like Agallah going against the Roc. Agallah is the ace in the hole. He is rappin about someone here, it could be Jay.

"your man's a fuckin pussy and your his tampoon"

Bezel tracks down here sounds fierce too. Maybe even Shiest Bub could take on Jay.

I am really feelin these JR tracks off his record. Thats it.

JR Writer - Grill Em' (First Single off his record)

Agallah and Ike Eyez - On My Fuckin' Grind

Bezel - Get That Bread

Bezel and Sparks - Party

As soon as something happens I will be all over it. I am not going to post the score yet, but every day this goes unanswered Cam scores another point.

Score will be posted later.

Cam interview with Kay on Hot 97 Drama Hour 1/19**NEW**(last segment only 10 minutes long)
Cam - You Gotta Love It Beyonce (new intro)
Cam - You Got To Love It Beyonce (Old Intro)
Cam interview with Kay 1/18
Cam - Swagger Jackin'
Cam - Oh What a Night
Cam with Fat Joe, T.I. Bub B - No Problems Remix